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10篇初二年级下册的英语作文,大家看好了。下面是我给大家整理的初二下册英语作文10篇,供大家参阅! 初二下册英语作文1 【话题•谈论自己拥有的东西和周围环境】要求同学们写作时要运用相应的现在完成时态,特别是用since和for来表达时间段。

范例 1★★★ I have a doll for 9 years. And I still like it very much. When I was a child, my parents were busy with their business. Sometimes they had to work even on weekends, so I had to stay at home alone. I often felt lonely and scared at home. After my aunt knew that, she bought the doll for me. It is a Mickey Mouse. I have talked with it about my happiness and sadness since I was young. And it has become my best friend. The doll helps me a lot. I love my doll. 初二下册英语作文2 【话题•谈论过去的经历】讲述我们在一些有趣的地方经历的有趣的事情,写此类短文首先应该掌握常用一般过去时和现在进行时,不要面面俱到,选取最有特色、最熟悉的一个方面来写。 范例 1 ★★★ My Hometown Have you ever been to Changsha? It is one of the most popular cities in China. The people here are very friendly. It is in the southeast of China. I think it is better to visit it in September or October because it is not too hot or too cold. There are a lot of famous places, such as Yuelu Mountain and Orange Beach. Besides, you can find a lot of delicious food here. The most famous food is Stinky Toufu. Welcome to Changsha. 初二下册英语作文3 【话题•谈论健康和事故】谈论自己的健康,发生事故时怎么做及如何向他人提出建议和劝告,从而养成良好的饮食和生活习惯。具体到书面表达中要求同学们掌握描述人体的不适,并提出正确的建议。 范例1 ★★ Last week, I got sick. On Wednesday, I had a cold, but I still went to school. On Thursday morning, I had a fever. My mother took me to see a doctor in Renmin Hospital. Then we went back home and I had some chicken soup. My mother said chicken soup was very good. On Friday, I stayed in bed and had a good rest. On Saturday, I felt much better. 初二下册英语作文4 【话题•做家务和请求许可】以家务、杂务为话题,掌握情态动词could表示委婉地请求许可的用法。结合本单元短文所讲内容“青少年在家应不应该做家务”,要求同学们会写有关议论的短文。

范例 1 ★★★ Last Saturday morning, my parents went out to visit their friends. After breakfast, I did the dishes. After that, I began to clean the living room. I swept the floor, cleaned the window and took out the rubbish. At around 11:00, I began to cook lunch. When my parents came back home, they saw the clean living room and some delicious food. They were very happy and said to me, “Dear, you really did a good job! Thank you.” 初二下册英语作文5 【话题•帮助他人和参加志愿活动】描述发生在我们身边相关的事情,提倡相互帮助,关心社会和谐发展。此类为常考话题作文,写作时应尽量用倡议或号召性的语句或者用自己、他人亲身经历的事件鼓励教育他人。 范例 1 ★★★ Sam, I’m writing to tell you about a voluntary activity last week. Last Saturday several friends and I went to the People’s Park at about eight o’clock. Then we started to help clean the park. First, we cleaned up the benches. I took us about an hour. Then we picked up rubbish in the park. At last, we swept the floor of the park. At about 12 o’clock, we finished all the work. Though we were a bit tired, we felt very happy when the park became cleaner and nicer. Wang Kai 初二下册英语作文6 【话题•谈论过去正在发生的事情】讲述大事件发生的时候人们正在进行的各种活动。

要求同学们会对过去的事情进行描述,写作时要运用相应的过去时态,如一般过去时或过去进行时。 范例 1 Dear Mrs Help, I have a big problem and hope to get your advice. My desk mate, Zhang Jun, often talks to me in class. Yesterday, in our Chinese class, while Mr Chen was telling an interesting story to us, Zhang Jun kept talking to me. I tried to stop him doing that, but I failed. When Mr Chen found we were talking, he was very angry. He asked us to go to his office after that class. I do not know what to do. Could you give me some advice? Yours, Zhou Yang 初二下册英语作文7 【话题•谈论问题和提建议】讲述我们在学校、生活中遇到的各种烦恼,以及相对应的合理化建议。要求同学们会写关于建议的短文。

写此类短文首先应该掌握常用的提建议的句型,根据一定情景,明确提建议的方法,再根据所提供的信息展开合理的发挥,使句子意思完整。 【Unit 4单元测试范文】★★★★ Sam, I know you are upset these days. Here is some of my advice for you. First, you should understand your parents. They have to work hard because they want your family to live a better life. Second, you could talk to your parents about the problem. Maybe they could stay with you next holiday. Third, you should try to help your parents do some housework, or you could visit your friends and have fun with them. Then you won’t feel bored. What do you think of my advice? I hope you have a good time. Judy 初二下册英语作文8 Unit 7 What’s the highest mountain in the world? 【话题•世界上存在的事实 】描述地理和自然现象,写作时应使用一般现在时以及形容词和副词的比较级和最高级来陈述事实,常用句型有as 原级as, 比较级 than, one of the 最高级 in/of。最后应将文章升华至保护自然的高度。

范例 1 ★★★ Animals are people’s friends. But many wild animals are endangered. Their living places are becoming smaller. And many of the wild animals can’t find enough food to eat. At the same time, humans are killing animals for their fur, skin, teeth and meat. I think people should do something to protect endangered animals. They can build nature reserves and don’t kill animals or eat their meat. Wang Kai 初二下册英语作文9 【话题•神话和故事】讲一个故事。具体到书面表达中要求同学们掌握讲故事时常用一般过去时,叙述的过程中一定要使用once upon a time, then, as soon as, so … that, unless, so that等过渡语言。 范例1 ★★ A crow felt very thirsty. He looked for water everywhere. Finally, he found a pitcher. But there was not much water in the pitcher. His beak could not reach it. He tried again and again, but he still could not reach the water. When he wanted to give up, he came up with an idea. He picked up a small stone and dropped it into the pitcher. Then he took another and dropped it in. Gradually, the water rose. The crow was able to drink the water. 初二下册英语作文10 【话题•谈论最近的事件及经历】以文学和音乐为话题,掌握现在完成时的用法。

10篇八年级下册的英语作文人之所以觉得英语难,是因为单词太多记不住、语法太杂理解不了、英语说的太怪听不懂、发音太别扭说不出来、 作文 太难根本就写不出来。这里给大家分享10篇 八年级 下册的 英语作文 ,供大家参考。

八年级下册英语作文范文 八年级 英语 作文 ,首先要做到内容具体,语句通畅。下面我给大家分享一些八年级下册 英语作文 范文 ,大家快来跟我一起欣赏吧。



八年级下册英语作文 篇1 I imagine a lot about lives in the future. I think two words can summarize my imagination. The first word is fast. In the future, we will have more quickly transportation means. Now matter how far we go, it takes only a short time. With the development of science and technology, we can travel to the moon, Mars or somewhere outer space. People may can live in other planets. The second word is convenient. Because of the fast development of our society, many work can be done by computers or even robots. Lots of things are fully automated. Humans just need to give some simple instructions to complete complecated tasks. 我对未来生活充满了想象。我认为可以用两个词来概括我的想象。第一个词是快速。将来,我们会拥有更快的交通方式。不管我们去得多远,它总能在短时间内把我们带到目的地。



八年级下册英语作文 篇2 From the first day I was born to now, many people help me and play important role in my life. But to me, father is the most important person in my life. In my memory, my father is kind but strict. He always smiles to me and spends a lot of time with me. We can talk to each other in many things. To some extend, we are friends. However, sometimes he is a father. If I did something wrong, he would point it out directly and ask me to make sure never do it again. Or, when I meet some troubles, he is the first person who gonna help me and encourage me. He always tells me that never give up no matter how bad the situation is. Hold a good wish for the future. I love my father, my friend. 从我出生第一天到现在,很多人帮助了我,在我的生活中扮演者重要的角色。但是对我来说,父亲是我生活中最重要的人。在我的记忆中,我的父亲和蔼而且严厉。



我爱我的父亲,我的朋友。 八年级下册英语作文 篇3 Earthquake is one of the most severe natural disasters. It's shaking of the ground caused by the sudden breaking and shifting of large sections of Earth's rocky ourter shell. Its results can be very horrible. The Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008 and Japan Earthquake in 2011 are the most severe earthquakes in recent years, causing huge casualties and property losses. But earthquakes almost never kill people directly. Many deaths and injuries in earthquaking result from falling objects and the collapse of buildings. 地震是最严重的自然灾害之一。它是由地球岩层的大板块突然断裂和移动而引起的地面晃动。地震的后果相当严重。


八年级下册英语作文 篇4 P8 One day, a man called Wang Wei was visiting New York. When he got to the hotel, he found his ID card was lost. He was very upset. He looked for it everywhere, but he couldn’t find it. Wang Wei was so worried. What should he do? Of course, he decided to return to the train station. At the lost and found, a young man was waiting for him with his ID card. Wang Wei was so happy! He was so thankful that he bowed 鞠躬 before the man. Wang Wei was so surprised when he looked up again. The man was his former 以前 classmate, and they hadn’t seen each other for five years! P14 Kangkang and Michael are good friends. They both study in Ren’ai International School. Michael is as brave as Kangkang. But Michael is not as funny as Kangkang because Kangkang often tells jokes to his friends. Michael is as helpful as Kangkang. They are both glad to help others in need 需要 . 八年级下册英语作文 篇5 Great changes have taken place in people's life in the past 20 years .In the past ,people kept in touch with relatives or friends mainly by sending. Letters ,they would listen to the radio for news and other information.Children used to go to school by bicycle .Big families had to share small rooms . Now people can talk to others by telephone or on the Internet at home .When they are free ,they watch the news and other programmes on Tv .Some families are rich enough to send their children to school in their own cars . More and more people lives in big and bright apear ments with several rooms . In a word ,people clveletter than before. 在人们的生活发生了巨大的变化在过去的20年。在过去,人们与亲戚朋友保持联系主要是通过发送。信,他们会听广播新闻和其他信息。

孩子们过去骑自行车去上学。大家庭有分享小房间。 现在人们可以在互联网上和他人交谈通过电话或在家里。当他们是免费的,他们在电视上看新闻和其他节目。

一些家庭足够富裕,在自己的车送他们的孩子去学校。越来越多的人住在大而明亮的闪光的天际和几个房间。 总之,人们比以前好。

八年级下册英语作文 篇6 Youth has been praised by many people. They believe that it is the mostprecious time of one's lifetime, because youth stands for young age and energy.So we should cherish youth and do whatever we like. In my opinion, when we areyoung, the first thing we need to do is to fight for our future. So we spend alot of time studying and gain much knowledge. The store of knowledge helps ussolve all kinds of problems. When we have enough ability, we are no longerafraid of meeting difficulties. The second thing we need to do is to broaden ourvision. As we are young and full of energy, it is the best time to see morescenery. Don't wait for retirement to explore the world. What we see will makeus mature and stronger. Let's enjoy the beautiful youth. 八年级下册英语作文 篇7 Many years ago, the movie about the youth became very popular, every year,we can see many hot movies about the protagonist’s passed youth. People like torecall their passed youth, which makes such movies sell good. But I find thecommon things about these movies, all the protagonists’ youth are aboutfighting, love and other negative things. I understand the directors’ intention,they want to tell people youth is not perfect and having pities. Of course movieis exaggerating, the real youth is about studying, at least, most people haveworked so hard to get into their ideal colleges.What the movies describe makeup some people’s youth, for which they don’t have the chance to experience. We should not be misled by these movies, for the teenagers, their job is to study,so that they can have a bright future. 八年级下册英语作文 篇8 This year, there are many movies about in honor of people’s fading youth,the movies are very popular by the audience. Suddenly the topic about youthbecomes a hot topic, many people collect the symbol things which stand for theiryouth, they are remembering their youth. For the young, they you enjoying thebeautiful lifetime, while for the old, they are just recalling it. On myopinion, youth is nothing to do with the age, we can enjoy the youth all thetime. The movies recall people’s memory, if people are active, they can be youngforever, there is no need to look back on the memory. When people get older,they can live as the young, they don’t have to be act as the old, people get oldwhen they think they are old. There is a famous song Forever Young, it remindspeople to keep young at heart. 八年级下册英语作文 篇9 With the improvement of people’s material conditions, people have higher demands for living quality. People wish to be in good health and to have good living habits. How shall we do? First, keep going to bed and getting up early every clay. Then do some exercises in the open air to breathe the fresh air in the morning, so we will have a pleasant mood in a day. Then have balanced food to ensure our health. Eat more vegetables. Being calm and good-natured is most important for our health. Hope you will be happy forever. 随着物质生活水平的提高,人们对生活质量有了更高的要求。人们希望拥有强壮的身体和良好的生活习惯。我们应怎样做?第一,继续睡觉和起床早一粘土。然后做一些运动,在户外,呼吸清晨的新鲜空气,所以我们将在一天中都有一个愉快的心情。


希望你永远快乐。 八年级下册英。


熟话说,好 文章 是凤头、猪肚、豹尾。没有豹尾,老鼠尾巴也要有一个,绝不能写半头文。

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