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学生通过大量的经典美文阅读能够开阔自己的视野,通过经典的美文阅读可以增加 文化 积淀和思想内涵,通过经典美文导读可以陶冶情操,提高素养。下面是我带来的经典优美英文 文章 ,欢迎阅读! 经典优美英文文章1 Have You Seen the Tree 你见过那棵树吗 My neighbor Mrs. Gargan first told me about it."Have you seen the tree?" she asked as I was sitting in the backyard enjoying the October twilight. 关于那棵树,最初是我的邻居加根太太告诉我的。

“你见过那棵树吗?”她问道,当时我正坐在后院欣赏十月的暮色。 "The one down at the corner," she explained. "It's a beautiful tree-all kinds of colors.Cars are stopping to look. You ought to see it." “就是下去拐角处的那棵”她解释说,“漂亮极了—五颜六色的。好多车路过都停下来看,你该去看看。” I told her I would, but I soon forgot about the tree. Three days later, I was jogging down the street, my mind swimming with petty worries, when a splash of bright orange caught my eye. For an instant, I thought someone's house had caught fire. Then I remembered the tree. 我对她说我会去看的,可转眼就忘记了关于树的事。三天后,我顺着街道慢跑,脑子里充斥着恼人的小事,忽然,一片耀眼的橘红色映入眼帘,有一会儿,我还以为是谁家的房子着火了呢,但我马上想到了那棵树。

As I approached it, I slowed to a walk. There was nothing remarkable about the shape of the tree. a medium-sized maple. But Mrs. Gargan had been right about its colors.Like the messy whirl of an artist's palette, the tree blazed a bright crimson on its lower branches, burned with vivid yellows and oranges in its center. and simmered to deep red at its top. Through these fiery colors cascaded thin rivulets of pale-green leaves and blotches of deep-green leaves, as yet untouched by autumn. 我慢慢走近它.就像朝圣者缓缓步向神殿,我发现靠近树梢的地方有几根光秃秃的枝丫,上面黑乎乎的小枝像鹰爪一般伸向天空。枯枝上落下的叶子一片猩红,像地毯似的铺在树干周围。 Edging closer-like a pilgrim approaching a shrine-I noticed several bare branches near the top, their black twigs scratching the air like claws.The leaves they had shed lay like a scarlet carpet around the trunk. 当我靠近树时,禁不住放慢了脚步。


在这火一样的色彩中,流淌着浅绿的叶子汇成的小溪,深绿的叶子斑驳点缀其间,似乎至今末曾受到过秋天的侵袭。 With its varied nations of color, this tree seemed to become a globe, embracing in its broad branches all seasons and continents: the spring and summer of the Southern hemisphere in the light and dark greens, the autumn and winter of the Northern in the blazing yellows and bare branches. 这棵枫树集各种颇色于一体。如果一种颜色就是一个国家,枫树俨然成了一个缤纷的地球,它张开宽大的枝条,历数着四季轮回,容纳着五湖四海。

深浅错落的绿叶,昭示着南半球的春夏,耀眼的黄叶和光秃秃的枝丫勾勒出北半球的秋冬。整个星球就围绕这一时空的交集点和谐运转。 As I marveled at this all-encompassing beauty, I thought of Ralph Waldo Emerson's comments about the stars. If the constellations appeared only once in a thousand years, he observed in Nature, imagine what an exciting event it would be. But because they're up there every night, we barely give them a look. 我为这棵树无所不包的美而惊叹不已。这时,我想起了著名作家拉尔夫·沃尔多·爱默生有关星星的评论。

他在《自然》一书中写道:倘若星座一千年才出现一次,那么,星座的出现是一桩多么激动人心的事;可正因为星座每夜都挂在天上,人们才很少去看上一眼。 I felt the same way about the tree. Because its majesty will last only a week, it should be especially precious to us. And I had almost missed it. 对于眼前这棵树,我也有同感。它此时的华美只能维持一个星期,所以它对于我们就相当珍贵。可我竟差一点错过了。

Once when Emily Dickenson's father noticed a brilliant display of northern lights in the sky over Massachusetts, he tolled a church bell to alert townspeople. That's what I felt like doing about the tree. I wanted to become a Paul Revere of autumn, awakening the countryside to its wonder. 有一次,当埃米莉·迪金森的父亲偶然看见马萨诸塞州上空一道炫目的北极光时,他立刻跑到教堂鸣钟告知所有市民。现在,我也产生了同样的想法,我要向世人宣扬这棵树。我愿成为秋天的信使。让田园乡村每一个角落的人们都了解它的神奇。

I didn't have a church bell or a horse, but as I walked home, I did ask each neighbor I passed the same simple but momentous question Mrs. Gargan had asked me: "Have you seen the tree?" 可我没有教堂的大钟,也没有快马,但当我走在回家的路上,我会问遇见的每一位邻居加根太太曾问过我的那个极其简单又极其重要的问题:“你见过那棵树吗?” 经典优美英文文章2 欲爱人,先自爱 I want to fall in love in 201

6. 在2016年我渴望坠入爱河。 I want to fall head over heels this year. By the very end of it, I want to be bursting at the seams of all my scars with a love burning happily in my heart. 这一年我希望自己爱得死心塌地。待到年末之际,我希望冲破所有创伤,让爱的火焰在心中快乐地燃烧。

I want the authentic feeling that surpasses dreaming -- a love that is true and never fleeting. I want this for myself as well as for you. I'd like it for the world, if possible. 我渴望那种超越梦境的真实感觉——那种真正的、永不流逝的爱。我希望你我皆有这种感觉。如果可能的话,全世界都能享受这种感觉。

I want to be every fear I've ever held in the darkest parts of my heart transformed into the purest desire for truth. I want to feel the magic of love singing my soul to sleep. 我希望我内心最阴暗处曾拥有的每一份恐惧都转化为对真爱最热切的渴望。我期望感受到那种魔力,那种爱情唱着歌让灵魂入眠的魔力。 I want to fall in love before I fall for you. 在爱上你之前,我想先坠入爱河。 So I would like to fall in love many times this year, so that I may know how extraordinary you are when you appear. 所以今年我想坠入爱河很多次,次数多到你一出现我就知道你是多么的与众不同。

I must fall in love this year so I can understand the magnitude of what you will be -- of what you will mean to me, and I to you. 我今年一定要坠入爱河,这样我才能知道你的出现是多么的重要——关于你对我、我对你意味着什么。 That's how I want to fall in love in 201

6. I want to know love before I know you. I want to feel its essence and understand its woes. I want to fall in love this way so that I am full of so much love to hand to you, and I am waiting patiently for the day when I can give it all to you. 这些就是2016年我想去爱的方式。我想在认识你之前先懂得爱,我想感受到爱情的本质并懂得它的悲哀。




美文欣赏:我决定从此过上幸福的生活 It was many years ago. I was a young dad sitting on the couch reading a fairy tale to my little girl. She sat next to me with her head on my arm as I told the tale. When it came to the end I finished with those famous words: "And they lived happily ever after." As I looked over to her with her wavy, brown hair and big, innocent eyes I could see the smile on her face and I never wanted it to end. It dawned on me then that the ending of the book was what I wanted for her. I wanted her to "live happily ever after." 很多年前我还是个年轻的爸爸,坐在沙发上给小女儿讲童话故事。她坐在我身边,头枕在我胳膊上听我讲故事。故事的最后我用那句经典的话作结束语:“从此他们过上了幸福的生活。”我看着她,她有着卷曲的棕色头发和大大的、天真的眼睛,我能从她的脸上看到微笑,我希望能永远这样看着她。那时我明白了故事的结尾也是我对她的期望,我希望她“从此过上幸福的生活。

” Still, deep in my heart I knew that this couldn't always be so. I knew that there would be times when her heart was broken. I knew there would be times when she cried in grief and I couldn't comfort her. I knew there would be times when all she felt was fear, sadness, sorrow, and despair. As I stroked her hair and smiled at her I hoped that those times would be brief and that she would have joy in her life more often than not. Living happily ever after, though, seemed out of the question. 然而内心深处我知道现实并非总能如我所愿。我知道有时她会伤心;我知道有时她会伤心地哭泣,而我却不能给她安慰;我知道有时她只会感到恐惧、伤心、懊悔和绝望。我抚摸着她的头发,对她微笑,我希望那些时刻都能很快过去,希望她的生活中更多的是快乐,然而,从此过上幸福生活似乎是不可能的。

It took me a lot of years to realize that it IS possible to live happily ever after. You just have to do it "one day at a time." Happiness you see isn't some reward that you get at the end of your journey. Happiness isn't something dependent on what life hands you. Happiness is something you create in your life choice by choice and day by day. 很多年以后我才意识到从此过上幸福生活是可以实现的。你只需要“认真过好每一天”。你看到的幸福并非你人生旅程最终的奖励,幸福不是取决于生活赐予你什么,而是你日复一日通过一个个选择在生活中创造出来的。

The truth is happiness comes when you love. Love is a gift from God. It is love that mends broken hearts. It is love that heals grief. It is love that gives us joy. Choose to "live happily ever after, one day at a time." 事实是幸福就是付出爱时的体验,爱是上帝恩赐的礼物。只有爱才能修复受伤的心灵;只有爱才能抚平伤痛;只有爱才能给我们带来快乐。选择“从此过上幸福的生活,过好每一天。

” 美文欣赏:想逃离现在的生活追寻自由 Have you ever gone on vacation and said to yourself, “I could live here?” On a trip to Jamaica, Kalisa Martin entertained that idea —and actually went through with it. 你是否曾经旅行过并告诉你自己:“我能住在这里”?在去牙买加的一次旅途中,卡丽萨·马汀思考了这个想法——也事实上将它完成了。 It was during a lingering and nasty New York City winter in March 201

4. Martin and her boyfriend Jeff Belizaire decided to escape the snow by taking a last-minute getaway to Jamaica. 那是在2014年三月纽约市一个漫长而恶劣的冬季期间。马汀和她的男朋友杰夫·贝利泽尔突发奇想决定马上跑去牙买加躲避雪天。 At the time, Martin had a dream job in the New York culinary world: brand director at Tasting Table, a digital destination for culinary enthusiasts. She also appeared on national television shows like Good Morning America. 在那时,马汀在纽约的烹饪界有着一份理想的工作:Tasting Table的品牌主理人,这是一家美食热爱者的线上聚集地。

她同时也在国家电视节目如《早安美国》中出现过。 But there was something about that trip that spoke to Martin — profoundly. 但是,有关那趟旅程的什么东西深深地印在了马汀的内心。 “That long weekend, the idea of the B&B concept came up and we thought, ‘Why not?’It could happen, and it could happen right here in Jamaica,”said 30-year-old Martin. “That was the first time we seriously considered the idea.” “在那个漫长的周末里,“床加早餐”理念一种旅店形式的想法蹦了出来,我们想着‘为什么不呢?’那是有可能发生的,而且有可能就发生在这儿,在牙买加,”30岁的马汀说道。“那是我们第一次认真考虑这个想法。

” Within four months Martin had quit her job and was on her way to Jamaica with Belizaire to create The Runaway, a bed-and-breakfast that has grown into a lifestyle travel brand. 在四个月里,马汀辞了职,并和贝利泽尔踏上了去牙买加创造The Runaway的道路,一个有着“床加早餐”理念的想法开始成为一个生活方式旅游品牌。 “We ran away from the cold and the typical 9-5 to follow our dreams and create this new life,”says Martin. “我们从寒冷与典型的朝九晚五中逃离出来追寻我们的梦,并创造了这个全新的生活,”马汀说。 And this isn’t your average bed-and-breakfast. The Runaway Jamaica is the first successfully funded B&B on Kickstarter. Backers donated almost $47,000 to help bring the property to life. 这也并非只是典型的“床加早餐”。The Runaway Jamaica是第一家成功在Kickstarter上得到资助的“床加早餐”理念的品牌。

支持者们捐献了将近47000美元来帮助它成为现实。 美文欣赏:这就是信仰的力量 As we slowly drove down the street on that cold December evening we spotted the porch light. "This must be the house." I told our "Positive Teens In Action" group. We pulled up in front of an older home with the porch light glowing. We gathered up our song books, walked up the steps, and knocked on the door. We heard a faint voice from inside say, “Come on in. The door is open." We opened the door. 在那个寒冷的12月份的夜晚我们开车在路上慢慢行驶时看到了门廊的灯光,我跟我们这个“积极行动的青年小队”说:“一定就是这家了。”我们把车停在一栋旧房子前,门廊灯光很亮。

我们拿出歌集,走上台阶敲了敲门,听到里面传来一个虚弱的声音:“进来吧,门开着呢”,我们推开了门。 There in a rocking chair sat an elderly woman with a big smile on her face. "I've been expecting you." she said weakly. Ruth was one of our Meals On Wheels stops I had arranged; along with the usual church members who enjoyed carolers. We handed Ruth the basket of goodies the teens had assembled earlier that evening. Then I asked Ruth what carols she would like to hear. Ruth's face was beaming as she joined in singing each song. 摇椅上坐着一位老太太,脸上带着灿烂的笑容,她虚弱地说:“我一直盼着你们来。”Ruth的家是我安排的上门送餐服务的一站,和我们一起来的还有喜欢唱圣歌的常去教堂的人。

我们递给Ruth一篮子美味的食物,都是我们这些年轻人那天晚上提前装好的。然后我问Ruth她想听什么圣诞颂歌,她跟着唱每首歌时脸上都洋溢着笑容。 As we hugged Ruth good-bye she said to me with tears glistening in her eyes, “The day you called I was still in bed. I had just finished praying. I asked God if it would be possible to have some Christmas Carolers come to my home and sing this year. Thank you for being the answer to my Christmas prayer." 我们跟Ruth拥抱说再见时,她眼睛里闪着泪光对我说:“你打电话那天我还躺在床上,刚刚做完祷告,我问上帝今年能否让唱圣诞颂歌的人来我家唱颂歌。感谢你使我梦想成真。

” Wow, what an awesome experience to have the opportunity to be the answer to someone's Christmas prayer. 哇哦,能使别人的祷告得以实现是多棒的一次经历呀。 Bible Text: When you pray, go to your room, close the door, and pray to your Father who is unseen. And your Father, who sees what you do in private, will reward you. Matthew 6:6 《圣经》原文:祈祷时要去房间里,关上门向无形的上帝祈祷,上帝看见你在秘密祈祷,就会回报给你。



下面是我带来的优美经典英语 文章 ,欢迎阅读!优美经典英语文章篇一 Life in a violin Case 琴匣子中的生趣 Alexander Bloch 亚历山大·布洛克 In order to tell what I believe, I must briefly sketch something of my per-sonal history. 为了阐明我生活的信条,我必须简单介绍一下我的经历。 The turning point of my life was my decision to give up a promising business career and study music. My parents, although sympathetic, and sharing my love of music, disapproved of it as a profession. This was understandable in view of the family background. My grandfather had taughtmusic for nearly forty years at Springhill College in Mobile and, though much beloved and respected in the community, earned barely enough to provide for his large family. My father often said it was only the hardheaded thriftiness of my grandmother that kept the wolf at bay . As a consequence of this example in the family, the very mention of music as a profession carried with it a picture of a precarious existence with uncertain financial rewards. My parents insisted upon college instead of a conservatory of music, and to college I went-quite happily, as I remember, for although Iloved my violin and spent most of my spare time practicing, I had many other interests. 我生活的转折点是我决定不做发迹有望的商人而专攻音乐。我父母虽然同情我,也像我一样热爱音乐,却反对我以音乐为职业。考虑到我的家庭情况,他们的这种态度是完全可以理解的。我祖父在莫比尔的斯普林希尔学院教授音乐达40年之久,深受学院师生的热爱和敬重,他的工资却几乎不够维持一大家人的生活。


我记得自己当时还挺高兴,因为虽然我热爱小提琴,大部分课余时间都花在练琴上,但我还有许多其他的 爱好 。 Before my graduation from Columbia, the family met with severe financial reverses and I felt it my duty to leave college and take a job. Thus was I launched upon a business career-which I always think of as the wasted years. 不等尊从哥伦比亚大学 毕业 ,家庭经济严重恶化,我感到自己有责任退学找工作,就这样我投身子商界——事后我每次想起这段经历都觉得是虚度了年华。 Now I do not for a moment mean to disparage business. My whole point is that it was not for me. I went into it for money, and aside from the satisfaction of being able to help the family, money is alll got out of it. It was not enough. I felt that life was passing me by. From being merely discontented I became acutely miserable. My one ambition was to save enough to quit and go to Europe to study music.I used to get up at dawn to practice before I left for "downtown," distracting my poor mother by bolting a hasty breakfast at the last minute. Instead of lunching with my business associates, I would seek out some cheap cafe, order a meager meal and scribble my harmony exercises. I continued to make money, and finally, bit by bit, accumulated enough to enable me to go abroad. The family being once more solvent, and my help no longer necessary, I resigned from my position and, feeling like a man released from jail, sailed for Europe. I stayed four years, worked harder than I had ever dreamed of working before and enjoyed every minute of it. 我从来无意贬低经商,我的意思是它不适合我。



我不与商界同事共进午餐,总爱找个便宜的餐馆,随便混上一顿,信手写些和声练习曲.。我不停地挣钱,终于,一分一分地攒够了 出国 的钱。这时,家庭经济情况也好转了,不再需要我的帮助。我辞去商务,感到自己像出狱的犯人一样自由,乘船去了欧洲,一去就是四年。

我学习要比从前想象的刻苦得多,然而生活得很快乐。 "Enjoyed" is too mild a word. I walked on air. I really lived. I was a freeman and I was doing what I loved to do and what I was meant to do. “快乐”一词还不足以表达我的心情。我是乐不可支,飘飘欲仙了。我过着真正的生活。

我是个自由人,做我爱做的、命中注定要做的事情。 If I had stayed in business I might be a comparatively wealthy man today, but I do not believe I would have made a success of living. I would have given up all those intangibles, those inner satisfactions that money can never buy, and that are too often sacrificed when a man's primary goal is finanaal success. 假如我一直经商,今天可能已经成了一个相当富有的人,但我认为我那时的生活并没有带来成功;为了金钱我可能放弃了一切无形的东西,放弃了精神上的种种乐趣,那是金钱永远买不来的,一个人要是把获取金钱当做主要的奋斗目标,他的精神乐趣就常常被牺牲了。 When I broke away from business it was against the advice of practically all my friends and family. So conditioned are most of us to the association of success with money that the thought of giving up a good salary for an idea seemed little short of insane. If so, all I can say is 'Gee , it's great to be crazy." 我毅然脱离商业,几乎违背了所有的亲友的劝告。

我们大多数人习惯把成功与金钱连在一起。那种为理想而放弃高薪的念头简直会被人认为是疯子的念头。如果真是如此,我倒要说一声:“咦!疯子真了不起!” Money is a wonderful thing, but it is possible to pay too high a price for it. 钱固然是好东西,但是为了钱而付出的代价往往太高昂了。

优美经典英语文章篇二 Love Is Not Like Merchandise 爱情不是商品 A reader in Florida, apparently bruised by some personal experience, writes in to complain, "If I steal a nickel's worth of merchandise, I am a thief and punished; but if I steal the love of another's wife, I am free." 佛罗里达州的一位读者显然是在个人经历上受过创伤, 他写信来抱怨道: “如果我偷走了五分钱的商品, 我就是个贼, 要受到惩罚, 但是如果我偷走了他人妻子的爱情, 我没事儿。” This is a prevalent misconception in many people's minds---that love, like merchandise, can be "stolen". Numerous states, in fact, have enacted laws allowing damages for "alienation of affections". 这是许多人心目中普遍存在的一种错误观念——爱情, 像商品一样, 可以 “偷走”。实际上,许多州都颁布法令,允许索取“情感转让”赔偿金。 But love is not a commodity; the real thing cannot be bought, sold, traded or stolen. It is an act of the will, a turning of the emotions, a change in the climate of the personality. 但是爱情并不是商品;真情实意不可能买到,卖掉,交换,或者偷走。

爱情是志愿的行动,是感情的转向,是个性发挥上的变化。 When a husband or wife is "stolen" by another person, that husband or wife was already ripe for the stealing, was already predisposed toward a new partner. The "love bandit" was only taking what was waiting to be taken, what wanted to be taken. 当丈夫或妻子被另一个人“偷走”时,那个丈夫或妻子就已经具备了被偷走的条件,事先已经准备接受新的伴侣了。这位“爱匪”不过是取走等人取走、盼人取走的东西。

We tend to treat persons like goods. We even speak of the children "belonging" to their parents. But nobody "belongs" to anyone else. Each person belongs to himself, and to God. Children are entrusted to their parents, and if their parents do not treat them properly, the state has a right to remove them from their parents' trusteeship. 我们往往待人如物。我们甚至说孩子“属于”父母。但是谁也不“属于”谁。人都属于自己和上帝。

孩子是托付给父母的,如果父母不善待他们,州政府就有权取消父母对他们的托管身份。 Most of us, when young, had the experience of a sweetheart being taken from us by somebody more attractive and more appealing. At the time, we may have resented this intruder---but as we grew older, we recognized that the sweetheart had never been ours to begin with. It was not the intruder that "caused" the break, but the lack of a real relationship. 我们多数人年轻时都有过恋人被某个更有诱惑力、更有吸引力的人夺去的经历。在当时,我们兴许怨恨这位不速之客---但是后来长大了,也就认识到了心上人本来就不属于我们。

并不是不速之客“导致了”决裂,而是缺乏真实的关系。 On the surface, many marriages seem to break up because of a "thi。


英语美文题材丰富,涉及面广,大多蕴涵人生哲理。下面是我带来的优美励志英文 文章 ,欢迎阅读! 优美励志英文文章1 致忧伤的你 Dear Anyone Having a Bad Week, 亲爱的度过糟糕一周的你: I'm sorry. I have no idea why your week is bad, or how bad it actually is. I don't know if you've told anyone, if there's anything that could fix it or if it's made you rather unpleasant to be around. But I do know that I'm sorry that you're hurting, or stressed, or exhausted, or grieving, or frustrated, or depressed, or lonely, or scared or lost. 我很抱歉,我无从知晓你的这一周为何很糟糕,也不知道实际情况到底有多糟。

不知道你是否有找人倾诉,是否有什么方式可以让你好受一些或者说现实是否让你更加难过。但是我清楚地知道我为你一切不好的情绪感到深深的同情,无论是你受到伤害或者感到压力,亦或是感到疲惫、悲伤、筋疲力尽、沮丧、孤独、害怕还是迷失。 I thought about writing this letter in a couple of different ways. I thought about writing it about the things you could do to feel better: show yourself compassion, go outside and look at the trees, look at a baby photo of yourself. Or I thought about focusing the letter on how the "bad weeks" can actually be pretty beautiful, if you look at them the right way. I almost wrote those letters, and maybe at some point I will, but I think I ended up deciding that I wasn't writing to make anyone feel better -- I just want you to feel heard. 我想象过用各种不同的方式来写这封信。我想象写一些可以让你感到好些的事情:比如对自己表示同情、出去看看树木或者看看自己儿时的照片;或者我也想象过将信的着重点放在,如果你用正确的方式来看待“糟糕的一周”,你或许会发现这一周实际很美好。我差一点就那样写了,也许将来会这样写。

但是现在我最终决定不写这些。——我只是想让你们感到,有人听到了你们的心声。 There's something about humans that makes us crave for our pain to be recognized. There is something inherently good and comforting in having someone say, "Yeah, that sounds really hard," or, "It really sucks that you have to deal with all that." 作为人类本身,我们都渴望自己的悲伤被了解。

如果有人能在这个时候对你说“是的,那听起来的确很糟”或者“你需要面对这些真的是太不幸了”,我们的内心都会感到些许好转或安慰。 But unfortunately, that's not always the direction that society pushes us in. We have been taught that bad days are to be silently borne beneath a bright smile; that expressions of pain are uncomfortable. 但不幸的是,现实并不总能按照我们期望的方向发展。我们总是被告知需要隐藏自己的悲伤,展露自己的微笑。

而这种表达方式让人并不舒服。 I want you to know you can feel free to spill your bad day all over the place and wear it on the front of your shirt. 我想要让你知道,你可以在任何地方自由表露你的坏情绪,你甚至可以将它画在T恤上穿在你的身上。 I want you to know that the expressions of your pain are beautiful and that I will try my very hardest to feel the hurt with you. I want you to know that your grumpy, stressed out, short-tempered self is just as awesome as your cheerful self. Please do not shun your suffering. 我想要让你知道你表现出来的悲伤也很美丽,我会尽我最大的努力来尽量感受你的不幸。

我想要让你知道,有坏情绪、压力感和小脾气的你与快乐时的你一样可爱。请不要再压抑自己的情感。 In writing this, know that I hear you, and let yourself be healed. I hope your day turns around, and that even if it doesn't, you can still find a few moments of beauty and/or happiness amidst the crappiness. For all of you not having bad days -- carry on, and enjoy. 在写这篇文章时,我听到了你们的心声,请让自己尽快好起来。我希望你们日子恢复正常,即使不能,你仍然可以发现一些美好的瞬间或者苦中作乐一下。

为了不让你们自己持续这种糟糕的日子,向前看,去享受生活吧! Sincerely, 此致 Clara Wagner 克拉拉·瓦格纳 优美励志英文文章2 阳光生活每一天的5个秘诀

1. Don't avoid or ignore negativity.

1. 勿要躲避或忽视阴暗面 In order to conquer and overcome, it must be acknowledged. This can include people in your life who may be bringing you down, a hostile workplace environment or even a personal stressor that you haven't conquered quite yet. You are in control of your environment and if these negative situations keep making an appearance, it's up to you to handle them. 我们得正视生活的阴暗面,这样才能将其克服与战胜。负面因素可以包括生活中会使你沮丧的人和不友善的工作环境,甚至是目前仍让你感到压力的源头。你所处的环境为你掌控。倘若这些消极场景一直出现,将其解决的也只能是你。

2. Take care of yourself and your needs.

2. 关爱自己,重视自我需求。 In order to feel compelled to live a powerful and meaningful life, you must love you. Take care of your actions and how you live each day, and this will be reflected in your thoughts and emotional state of mind. Love yourself fully in order to love others fully. 为了让生活有意义并充满能量,你必须爱自己。关注你的所作所为以及每天的生活方式吧。它们将会反映到你的思想与情感状态中。


3. Mend what's broken or get rid of it.

3. 之于裂痕,要么修复,要么忘怀。 Determining what is worth your time and effort and what is not can be challenging. If situations are toxic and beyond repair, it's time to let go. Are there relationships or friendships that remain damaged but you know are worth the time? Fix them and find peace. Do what you can to find love in situations where it may have be absent in the past. 决定什么值得你付出时间与努力,而什么又不值得,是有难度的。


4. Give back.

4. 倾情回馈。

Giving our time, energy, love, mentorship and sometimes money is what life is about. Everything we put out into the world comes back to us. My mom taught me a quote she learned in Mexico that stuck with me forever, "donde comen uno, comen dos." where one can eat, two can eat. It moves me every time I say it out loud. At the end of the day, no matter what you have you are likely in a position to give something small to someone else who needs it. Don't hesitate. 人生的真谛是给予我们的时间、能量、爱和教导金钱有时也是,我们向世界付出的一切都会有所回馈。我母亲曾教过我她在墨西哥学到的一句话,让我永生难忘:“donde comen uno, comen dos.”一人能食之处,也能供两人享用。我每次大声读这句话时,都会被震撼感动。说到底,无论你拥有什么,你都有可能给予他人小小的一份心意,而这正是他们需要的。

5. Things that make us smile, laugh and feel good are just awesome.

5. 所有让我们笑逐颜开,感觉不错的事都值得敬重。 This one is pretty simple...Just do MORE of it. Do more of what makes you happy! I truly believe that in the super fast paced world we live in, happiness may not come as easily as we wish. In order to navigate through work and responsibilities that seem monotonous, we have to actively pursue and engage in beautiful acts of love and kindness. So get to it! 这点极其简单…只要更多地去实行它。

去做更多让你开心的事!我真心相信,在如今这个超快节奏的世界,幸福来得也许并不像我们希望的那样简单。为了能顺利处理那些看上去单调的工作与职责,我们得积极追求爱和善的美妙行为,并更多地参与其中。所以行动起来吧! 优美励志英文文章3 优秀的人们每天会做的10件事 We all see and hear about extraordinary people around us and wonder why can’t we be more like them? Sometimes we chuck that notion as absurd and unachievable. I would say not so fast. It’s not the big things that make someone extraordinary. It’s the small things. 我们都看到或听说过身边那些优秀的人,并在想为什么自己不能和他们一样?有时我们觉得这种想法很荒谬,根本无法实现。我觉得不一定。

人并不是因为大事而优秀,而是因为小事才变得卓越。 Things that over a period of time have the power to radically change your life. They become extraordinary by making a difference in someone's life. Here are some of the things extraordinary people do every day: 发生在一段时间内的事情可以从根本上改变你的生活。优秀的人通过让他人的生活有所不同而变得卓越。


1. They are open to criticism 他们�。



英文美文欣赏 布达佩斯之恋 Down in Budapest The night is long,goes on and on Before me lies the break of dawn Another day to wonder What I'll find along my way Just what to do I wish I knew So all alone I'm missing you The blue Danube The sun put color of my soul in you Budapest.... The day begins,the gentle wnd As sweet as lonesome violins So clear and bright I watched the river rolling out of sight I can't define this home of mine This home,I'm waiting for the sign Will I be lessed to find you Somewhere down in Budapest I'm lost in memories down in Budapest I'm lost in memories down in Budapest ...... 夜漫漫,时间无休止地流逝 黎明在我眼降临 这一天我又会彷徨,不知道 沿着自己的生命轨道,我将找到什么 该做些什么,我希望我知道 我一直在独自想念你 蓝色的多瑙河 阳光把我灵魂的颜色照进你心里 布达佩斯…… 这一天开始了,轻柔的风 和寂寞的小提琴一样美好 如此清澈明亮 我看见河流奔腾出视野之外 我无法给我的这个家下定义 这个家,我在等待着一个信号 上苍会不会保佑我找到你 在布达佩斯街道的某个地方 沿着布达佩斯的街道游走,我迷失在记忆里 沿着布达佩斯的街道游走,我迷失在记忆里 沿着布达佩斯的街道游走,我迷失在记忆里  经典优美英语文章 妙“想”生花 Getting behind the Creative Mind The world is but a canvas to the imagination. ——Henry David Thoreau 世界对富有想象力的人来说只是一块帆布。——亨利·大卫·梭罗 Creativity is not,as some would have us believed,something to be taken lightly.More than painting pictures or composing original music—creativity could rightly be considered a healing force for societies overwhelmed by the ongoing utilitarian struggles of humanity.Call it a cure for depression,an escape from working—class drudgery,catharsis for the stress and worry that accumulates within us all.Or just call it a fun and productive way to wile away an afternoon. 创造力并不像人们让我们相信的那样,是不以为然的东西。这不像绘画或者原创音乐那样,创造力可以看做是治愈被持续的社会功利斗争所压迫人性的力量.我们称之为治疗抑郁的良药,逃避工薪阶层的苦差事,积压在我们内心所有压力和忧虑的宣泄。或者只是一个消磨一个下午的有趣高效的方法。 But the spark of creativity is not always easily lit.As children,our creative zeal is generally encouraged and allowed to thrive,but as we move into adulthood that zeal tends to atrophy from neglect.Other things take over our lives,such as hectic career schedules and increased social pressure to achieve "status".According to Elisabeth Keating inPieces of Beauty,this is an unhealthy trend spawned from an overly materialistic culture.She gose on to detail the spiritual benefits of a more creative life. 但创造力的火花并不容易点燃。


她继续深究更有创造性的生活的精神上的益处。 Tongue in cheek,Melvin Durai exposes creativity from a more "everyday" and practical angle in his humorous piece,Let the Beer Come to You.Not only have great minds invented personal computers and cell phone technology,they might also bless us with beertossing refrigerators and couches that spit out lost remote controls. Melvin Durai在用他的诙谐作品《让啤酒来到你的身边》开玩笑似的从日常和实践的角度剖析创造性。 Clearly,the expression of artistic creativity throughout history has been just a instrumental in improving the human condition as any business venture or economic boom.Without it there would be no great works of art to enjoy and puzzle over,no songs to sing badly in the shower,no ho new fashion trends,no novels to read.I ask you,is that the sort of world you want to live in? 显然,纵观历史,艺术创作的表达一直只是一个改善人类生存条件成为一切商业风险和经济繁荣的工具。

没有创造力就不会有伟大的艺术作品供欣赏和思索,就没有糟糕的洗澡歌,就没有潮流趋势,就没有小说可以读。我问你们,那是你们想要生活的那种世界吗?    经典英语美文 毕业,继续前进 Graduation and Moving On At least once a year, there are a lot of graduations.It’s a time when a lot of people move on,from where they were, to another school or another class,or out into a real world.To graduate means to take a step forward, to move onward.I can remember my high school graduation,my graduation from university,and even my graduation from graduated school.Each of those graduations was nice.I took pictures, I got flowers, I hug my parents.I had the motions to moving on, I want to stay and have more fun.But I also want to move on.When we hear the word graduation, we naturally think of graduating from school.But I think it’s possible to graduate from different places, or stages in life.I worked in a company in New York for about three years.In one point I felt I couldn’t learn anything else from the company,where the people I was working with.Then I had hit a ceiling, I felt that was time to move on.The way that I describe that moving on is a graduation.Some times we are thrown out into the world or to the next level,whether we are ready or not.Other times we get the truth when we want to move on.I have experienced both.I preferred the second one, where I have a choice,I like the truth when and how, but we don’t always get what we want,since we can learn from every experience that we have,each experience can be a stepping stone for us to be better people.I know that I take lessons with me every time I graduated,but some times I can be a slow learner.I wonder when my next graduation is going to be. 至少每年一次,会有很多的毕业典礼。这是一个很多人继续前行的时刻,他们从现在的地方到另一个学校或者另一个班级,或者走出学校真正步入社会。







美文是写得好的精美文章,是顺应时代潮流的优美文字,是时尚和经典的结合,是文学和思想的联姻,是文化艺苑中经久不衰的瑰宝。我整理了200字以上优美英语美文,欢迎阅读! 200字以上优美英语美文篇一 A 24 year old boy seeing out from the train’s window shouted… 一个24岁的男孩子望着车窗外,大声说…… -“Dad, look the trees are going behind!” -“爸爸,看,那些树在后退!” Dad smiled and a young couple sitting nearby, looked at the 24 year old’s childish behavior with pity, suddenly he again exclaimed… 爸爸笑了。

一对坐在附近的年轻夫妇看着这个24岁的男孩子,为他的幼稚行为感到可惜。突然,男孩子再次呼喊道…… -“Dad, look the clouds are running with us!” -“爸爸,看,云朵在跟着我们一起跑!” The couple couldn’t resist and said to the old man… 那对夫妇忍不住对这位老先生说…… -“Why don’t you take your son to a good doctor?” The old man smiled and said…“I did and we are just coming from the hospital, my son was blind from birth, he just got his eyes today.” -“您为什么不带儿子去看医生呢?”老先生笑着说……“我带他看过医生了,我们刚从医院回来,我的儿子一出生就失明了,他今天才重获光明。” Every single person on the planet has a story. Don’t judge people before you truly know them. The truth might surprise you. 在这个世界上,每个人都有一个故事。不要在你真正了解别人之前就去评判他们。真相可能会让你大吃一惊。

200字以上优美英语美文篇二 One warm evening many years ago… 犹记得多年前,那个让人暖心的夜晚 After spending nearly every waking minute with Angel for eight straight days, I knew that I had to tell her just one thing. So late at night, just before she fell asleep, I whispered it in her ear. She smiled – the kind of smile that makes me smile back – and she said, “When I’m seventy-five and I think about my life and what it was like to be young, I hope that I can remember this very moment. ”整整8天除了睡着其余的时间我都陪着安吉尔,酝酿已久,我想我一定要告诉她一件事。于是这天夜里,就在她刚刚睡下,我便在她耳边轻声说起来,说完她就笑了,是那种希望得到我回应的笑,接着说道:“真希望我老到75岁的时候,开始回忆,这一刻须臾会变成永恒。” A few seconds later she closed her eyes and fell asleep. The room was peaceful – almost silent. All I could hear was the soft purr of her breathing. I stayed awake thinking about the time we’d spent together and all the choices in our lives that made this moment possible. And at some point, I realized that it didn’t matter what we’d done or where we’d gone. Nor did the future hold any significance. 很快她就闭上眼睛睡着了,整个房间祥和安静,甚至有些寂静。

耳畔起伏着安吉尔轻柔的呼吸声,我清醒的回忆我们共度的这些美好时光,是冥冥之中的选择成就了我们在一起的时刻。我们做过什么,去过哪里都不重要,甚至未来也不重要。 All that mattered was the serenity of the moment. 眼下最重要的就是此刻的和谐安宁。

Just being with her and breathing with her. 只要能与她同呼吸共命运,便别无所求。 The moral: We must not allow the clock, the calendar, and external pressures to rule our lives and blind us to the fact that each individual moment of our lives is a beautiful mystery and a miracle – especially those moments we spend in the presence of a loved one. 启示:时间、日常事务、以及其他的外部压力都不能左右和束缚我们的生活,因为每个人,尤其是与心爱之人一起度过的美好时光,才是我们生命中最让人心驰神往,美妙动人的追寻。 200字以上优美英语美文篇三 All the Difference in The World 整个世界因你而改变 Every Sunday morning I take a light jog around a park near my home. There’s a lake located in one corner of the park. Each time I jog by this lake, I see the same elderly woman sitting at the water’s edge with a small metal cage sitting beside her. 每个星期日的早晨我都会绕着我家附近的公园轻松地慢跑。

公园的一角有一片湖。每当我慢跑经过这片湖,都会看到同一个老妇人,身边放着一个金属笼子坐在湖边。 This past Sunday my curiosity got the best of me, so I stopped jogging and walked over to her. 上个星期日我终于忍不住好奇,停止了慢跑,走到她身边。 As I got closer, I realized that the metal cage was in fact a small trap. 走近时我发现金属笼子其实是一个小陷阱。

There were three turtles, unharmed, slowly walking around the base of the trap. 三只乌龟安然无恙,绕着陷阱底部慢悠悠地爬着。 She had a fourth turtle in her lap that she was carefully scrubbing with a spongy brush. 她正认真地用海绵刷擦拭着第四只趴在她膝盖上的乌龟。 “Hello,” I said. “If you don’t mind my nosiness, I’d love to know what you’re doing with these turtles.” “你好啊,”我说。“如果你不介意我多管闲事的话,我很想知道你在对这些乌龟做什么呢。

” She smiled. “I’m cleaning off their shells ,” she replied. “我在清洗他们的壳,”她笑着回答说。 “Anything on a turtle’s shell, like algae or scum, reduces the turtle’s ability to absorb heat and impedes its ability to swim. It can also corrode and weaken the shell over time.” 任何乌龟壳上,像海藻、泡沫浮渣这些东西,都会减弱乌龟的吸热能力并且阻碍他们游动,时间长了还会腐蚀龟壳,让龟壳变得脆弱。 She went on: “I spend a couple of hours each Sunday morning, relaxing by this lake and helping these little guys out. It’s my own strange way of making a difference. ”她继续说道:“每个星期天早晨我都会花几个小时待在湖边,边放松自己,边帮这些小家伙摆脱困难。这就是我奇怪的制造改变的方式。

” “But don’t most freshwater turtles live their whole lives with algae and scum hanging from their shells?” I asked. “但是,难道不是所有的淡水乌龟都是伴随着它们壳上的海藻和泡沫、浮渣度过一生的吗?”我问道。 “Yep, sadly, they do,” she replied. “遗憾的是,它们的确这样。”她回答道。

“Well then, don’t you think your time could be better spent? And 99% of these turtles don’t have kind people like you to help them clean off their shells. So, no offense… but how exactly are your localized efforts here truly making a difference?” “那么,你不觉得你在浪费时间吗?99%的乌龟都没有遇到像你这么好的人去帮他们清洗龟壳。所以,无意冒犯…但是你在这儿,通过你一个人的努力到底能带来多大改变呢?” The woman giggled aloud. 老妇人大声咯咯笑起来。 She then looked down at the turtle in her lap, scrubbed off the last piece of algae from its shell, and said, “Sweetie, if this little guy could talk, he’d tell you I just made all the difference in the world. 接着她看看膝盖上的乌龟,把龟壳上的最后一块海藻擦拭干净,说道:“亲爱的,如果这只小乌龟会说话的话,它一定会告诉你我刚刚改变了整个世界。


楼主把这篇拿去用吧,是我的原创,写得不是太难,高一能看得懂。We all know that environment is so important to ourselves and our future generations. Natural resources have been depleted in an unprecedented scale. The environment has been polluted in a way that never happened before. It is certain that the world and all the living organism on it are going straight to hell. But why those in power, no matter how loud they speak out environmental protection, very few of them really care. The reason is simple. Human beings are greedy in nature. In ancient times, technology is lacking, human beings did not have the right tool to exploit the nature on large scale. With industrial revolution and the development of science and technology, these things can be achieved with relative ease. It can be said that the development of science can be a gospel and a curse on human race at the same time. It is more than certain that the world is going straight to hell. Climate change comes at an unprecedented rate. We can see all the polar ice sheet melt in our own lifetime. Cities by the sea will be flooded. Summer will get unbearably hot. Almost all the natural resources will be depleted. It is not that world leaders are unaware of this , but because of their greed no one is able to put the interest of the general public and future generations over their own pride. Development sounds an untouchable truth. Anything that comes in its way will be neglected. One thing that we never ponder is that the space and resources on this planet is limited which means that the raw material and space for development is also limited. Now matter how great and intelligent human beings might be, we have our own weakness. The more intelligent a creature is, the more physically vulnerable it is. With the worsening of the living environment, one can rarely predict that how many of us will eventually survive this unprecedented change. It is time for us to think whether we should live in a more environmentally friendly manner so that our offsprings will also have space and resources to live with or we just pamper ourselves to the extreme and forget about our future generation and the human race at large.众所周知,环境对我们和我们的后代来说是多么重要。









随着全球化与多元 文化 的发展,英语正跻身为一种国际语言被广泛使用。下面是我带来的一篇优美的英文 文章 ,欢迎阅读!    一篇优美的英文文章1 How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. 我是怎样地爱你?让我逐一细算。

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach, 我爱你,尽我的心灵所能及到的深邃、宽广、和高度, when feeling out of sight for the ends of being and ideal grace. 正象我探求玄冥中上帝的存在和深厚的神恩。 I love thee to the level of every day's most quiet need, by sun and candle-light. 我爱你的程度,就象日光和烛焰下那每天不用说的需要。 I love thee freely, as men strive for right. 我不加思虑地爱你,就象男子们为正义而斗争。 I love thee purely, as they turn from praise. 我纯洁地爱你,象他们不在赞美前低头。 I love thee with the passion put to use in my old griefs, 我以满怀热情爱你,就象往日满腔的辛酸; and with my childhood's faith. 我爱你,以我童年的信仰; I love thee with a love I seemed to lose with my lost saints. 我爱你,抵得上那似乎随着消失的圣者而消逝的爱慕。

I love thee with the breath, smiles, tears, of all my life; 我爱你,以我终生的呼吸,微笑和泪珠; and, if God choose, 假使是上帝的意旨, I shall but love thee better after death. 那么,我死了我还要更加爱你!    一篇优美的英文文章2 滚蛋吧,烦恼!摆脱你的负能量就这么做 Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction, The Secret, the power of positive thinking, or you think positive thinking is a bunch of new age bologna, few can argue with the fact that people simply are happier and feel more optimistic when they have positive thoughts. For those in sales, positive thinking can lead to more creative thinking which can lead to more closed sales. 无论你是否相信吸引力法则,其中的秘诀,积极思考所带来的力量,或你认为积极思考只是新时代的法学思想,但是很少人能否认这个事实:当人们保持积极乐观的态度时,他们就会感到更快乐更积极。对于销售领域的 职场 人来说,保持积极的人生态度能够激发他们产生更有创造力的想法,最终帮助他们签下更多订单。 Knowing how to think positively is as important as wanting to. Here are a few steps to how to be a positive thinker from the business world. 学会如何积极思考与渴望学会积极思考同等重要。


1.Determine Your Desired Outcome

1. 设定期望结果 The problem with many people is that they really don't know what they want out of life or a particular situation. Take a moment to decide what it really is that you want out of a life event. Clear intentions yield clear results while fuzzy desires yield fuzzy results. 许多人都有这样的问题:并不了解自己在生活中或特定情况下的所需所求。花点时间,想想自己希望从生活事件中获得什么。明确的动机能产生明确的结果,然而模糊不清的欲望只会导致模糊不清的结果。

2.Make A List of Things Your Are Grateful For

2.列举感恩的事情 Tony Robbins, well known life coach and motivational speaker, says that no matter how much money you may have in your accounts, if you are not grateful, you are poor. Gratitude is an amazing emotion in that it is almost impossible to feel negative thoughts when you are focusing on things you are grateful for. Tonny Robbins是一位有名的人生导师和励志演说家,他认为无论你的银行账户有多少存款,如果你不懂感恩,你就是贫穷的人。感恩的心是一种神奇的情感,因为当你专注于你所感恩的事情时,你几乎不可能有负面的情绪。 If you make a list of 10 things that you are grateful for everyday, you will put yourself in a very positive mind set that will last your entire day. 如果每天你都能列举十件感恩的事情,你就能保持积极的心理状态,并且能一整天都感到精神满满。

3.Learn to Count to 5

3. 学会数到5 Most of us spend our lives reacting to events. How we react is usually governed by how we either learned to react or have reacted to similar events in our past. But simply reacting does not allow any room for creative and targeted thinking. 大多数人用其一生纠结于对事物的反应上。我们的反应通常受到这些因素支配:要么是我们学得的如何给出反应,要么是对过往同类事件所做出的反应。不过仅仅作出反应无法让我们具有创造性和针对性的思考。 Next time you find yourself in a situation that presents a challenge to your decision to be more positive, hold your reaction and count to

5. This brief break will give you the opportunity to decide how you want to respond, instead of simply reacting. 下次当你发现自己正拘泥是否该往积极方面思考的情况时,请先别急着做反应,而应先数5秒钟。


4.Cut Back on the Nightly News

4.减少观看夜间新闻的次数 Whichever nightly news program you prefer, you probably are aware of how much negative news is reported. Expose yourself to an abundance of negativity and, like it or not, you will begin to be more negative. 无论你喜欢何种夜间新闻节目,但你应该都能意识到负面新闻的影响。如果你常常观看大量的负面新闻,不管你喜不喜欢,你都会变得越来越消极。 负面影响就像毒药。

你接触的负面影响和消极的人越多,你就会吸收越多负面能量。 Negativity is like a drug. The more you expose yourself to negativity and negative people, the more you adopt negativity into your life. 相反,多去接触积极向上的人和正面影响的事物。如果你真的很想了解世界正在发生的事情,那就浏览网络信息流的标题,而且单单浏览这些 故事 标题还确实能达到你的需求。 Instead, try to surround yourself with positive people and positive exposures. If you absolutely must know what's going on in the world, read the headlines on an Internet news stream and only read those stories that really effect your world.


5.Take Care of Yourself 早已有文献证明了运动的益处,健康饮食和充足睡眠的好处。

不过只知道这些好习惯的益处对你来说仍毫无用处,除非你真的行动起来了。 The benefits of exercise, a healthy diet and getting enough sleep have been well documented. But just knowing about all the benefits does nothing for you unless you actually take action.


6.Daily action 能运动但不运动的人不比不会运动的人有优势。每天的运动,配以健康饮食和充足的休息能让你的人生观产生惊人的变化。

当你自我感觉良好,负面的情绪就那么容易影响你了。 Someone who can exercise but who chooses not to is no better off than someone who cannot exercise. Daily exercise, when coupled with a healthy diet and enough rest can do wonders for your outlook. When you feel good, it really takes effort to make yourself feel bad.


7.Track Your Progress 正如任何目标,你努力希望变成目标的那个人,比你完成这个目标本身重要得多。当你变得越来越积极乐观,你就会预测到你拥有“积极专注”的日子与“负面思考”的日子是一样的。

除非你能密切关注自己的进步轨迹,甚至你还没有发现随着时间的推移,你将远离负面走向积极。 As with any goal, the person who you become as you progress towards your goal is more important than accomplishing the goal itself. As you move towards being a positive thinker, expect that you will have as many "negative thinking" days as you do "positive focused" days. But unless you keep track of your progress, you may not even realize that the numbers of days are shifting more towards the positive and away from the negative. 你所需要的是: What You Need: 目标计划表 A list of your goals 一本 日记 本 A journal 希望以更积极的态度生活的决心。 A committment to living a more positive-thought based life.    一篇优美的英文文章3 聪明的人更喜欢独处 Smart people may be far happier with their own company than meeting friends. 对聪明人来说,独处可能比会见朋友更快乐。 A new study has found that for intelligent people, the more frequently they socialise with friends, the less satisfied they are with life. 一项新研究表明,对聪明人来说,他们越是频繁地交朋友,他们对生活会越不满。

Using data from a long-term study, researchers found people living in more densely populated areas reported lower levels of life satisfaction. But, more frequent socialisation with friends had a more positive association with levels of life satisfaction for people with average intelligence. 研究者从长期研究所得的数据中发现:生活在人口稠密区的人有着较低的生活满意度。然而,对智力一般的人来说,更频繁地交朋友与生活满意度水平有着更明确的联系。 The researchers explained that 'among the extremely intelligent' more frequent social interaction is actually linked with reduced satisfaction. 研究者解释道:对“那些特别聪明的人”来说,更频繁的社会互动实际上与减少的满意度有关。

Social interaction would have been crucial to survival, in terms of co-operation and finding a mate, but the space was equally important. 从合作和寻找伴侣的角度来讲,社会互动对生存至关重要,但是空间也同样重要。 The researchers believe smarter individuals may be able to better adapt to the challenges of modern life, and may find it easier to leave ancestral social roots behind in order to forge ahead. 研究者相信聪明人也许能更好地适应现代生活的挑战,也许会发现为了向前发展更容易摒弃祖先的社会根源。 For the most intelligent among us, it may be that there is conflict between aspiring to greater goals and being tied to our evolutionary past. 对我们中最聪明的那些人来说,追求更高的目标与依赖逐步发展的过去之间可能会有冲突。

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