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感谢父母,哺育了我成长;感谢父母,教会了我做人。请你就感谢父母写一篇 英语 作文 吧。

下面我给大家带来感谢父母的英语作文带翻译优秀 范文 ,供你参阅。 关于感谢父母的英语作文带翻译范文一: Be Grateful to Our Parents I consider my parents as the most important people in my life. This is not because they’re wealthy or famous. Rather, what I value about most is the care and love they show to me. My parents might work hard, but they’re always there for me. Whenever I get into trouble and desperately need a hand, they come over first to support me and encourage me. I grew up with their constant care and love. While they’re getting older with grey hair and wrinkles, they never lose dignity in both life and jobs. From my parents, I have learned that one person can really make a difference. I’ll never forget their care and love. Gratefulness brings a great fullness to life. I wish they could always be happy and healthy. It is high time we expressed our gratitude to people we cherish! 我认为我的父母是我生命中最重要的人。这并不是因为他们有钱或有名的。相反,我最珍惜的是他们给我的关心和爱。 我父母虽然努力工作,但他们总是陪在我身边。


当他们变老而且出现白发和皱纹时,他们也永远不会失去生活和工作的尊严。 你从我的父母身上,我知道一个人真的可以有所作为。我永远也不会忘记他们的关怀和爱。

感谢使生活带来了的充实。我希望他们能永远幸福和健康。是时候我们要向我们珍惜的人表达我们的谢意了! 关于感谢父母的英语作文带翻译范文二:My Parents and I There are three people in my family, my parents and I. We live happily together. Every morning, mother makes breakfast for us. Sometimes, it’s my father’s job. And then, father drives mother and me to school. My mother is an English teacher in my school. We have lunch and dinner at home. Sometime, my father eats outside, but he would call and tell us advanced. My family is a traditional Chinese family. Father is the backbone and mother takes care of our daily lives. I don’t have to worry about anything and all I have to do is working hard on my study. I have a happy family. 我的家有三口人,我和我的爸爸妈妈,我们幸福地生活在一起。



关于感谢父母的英语作文带翻译范文三:Be Grateful to Our Parents Last week our music teacher taught us a song, named Indebted Heart. Through it I know that we should live with a thankful heart. At that time, I think of my parents. I think they are the first people I should thank. It’s them who give me life. It’s them who give me home. It’s them who bring me up. It’s them who look after me. It’s them who teach me knowledge and live happily. I should thank my parents giving me so much. Maybe I should think how to pay back the love my parents give me. But now I think the best way to be appreciated of my parents is to study well and then being a useful person to the society when I grow up. 上周我们的音乐老师教了我们一首歌,叫感谢的心。通过这首歌我知道我们应该怀着一颗感谢的心去生活。在那时,我想起了我的父母。我认为他们是我最应该感谢的人。



也许我应该考虑如何回报父母给我的一切。但现在我觉得感谢我父母的最好的 方法 就是好好学习,长大后做一个对社会有用的人。


Person's life, we need to thank the many people who, precisely because of them, the world would become so wonderful. I want to thank the parents - a great and extraordinary messenger.Parents, gave me a precious life; parents, let me come to this beautiful planet; parents, with love in my shelter over an umbrella propped up ......At home, good to be left to us; in the night, we all slept, there are two familiar figure in the busy, thinking about his father for our future, for our mother weave sweater. Hand-knit sweater mother not only warm my body, my heart warmer.I want to thank my parents, I want to sincerely say to parents:. "You have worked hard."人的一生,需要感谢的人许许多多,正是因为有了他们,世界才变得如此的精彩。我要感谢的是父母——伟大而平凡的使者。

是父母,给了我宝贵的生命;是父母,让我来到这美丽的星球;是父母,用爱在我的上空撑起了一把遮风挡雨的伞…… 在家中,好的都要留给我们;在夜里,我们都睡觉了,还有两个熟悉的身影在忙碌着,父亲在为我们的未来思考着,母亲在为我们编织毛衣。母亲亲手编织的毛衣不仅暖和了我的全身,更温暖了我的心。 我要感谢父母,我要真心地对父母说一声:“你们辛苦了。

感恩父母的英语作文 带翻译 谢谢

感恩父母 Be Grateful to Our ParentsI consider my parents as the most important people in my life. This is not because they re wealthy or famous. Rather, what I value about most is the care and love they show to me.我认为我的父母是我生命中最重要的人。这并不是因为他们有钱或有名的。

相反,我最珍惜的是他们给我的关心和爱。My parents might work hard, but they re always there for me. Whenever I get into trouble and desperately need a hand, they come over first to support me and encourage me. I grew up with their constant care and love. While they re getting older with grey hair and wrinkles, they never lose dignity in both life and jobs.我父母虽然努力工作,但他们总是陪在我身边。每当我陷入困境,迫切需要帮助时。他们是第一个支持我、鼓励我的人。

我在他们不断的爱和照顾中长大。当他们变老而且出现白发和皱纹时,他们也永远不会失去生活和工作的尊严。From my parents, I have learned that one person can really make a difference. I ll never forget their care and love. Gratefulness brings a great fullness to life. I wish they could always be happy and healthy. It is high time we expressed our gratitude to people we cherish!你从我的父母身上,我知道一个人真的可以有所作为。



Dear students, our way of life is always sunny, blue skies, the brightest ray of sunshine which in the end? Some people say that good academic performance, was said to give to help others ... and I think that our way of life in the most brilliant sunshine should belong famous, thanks to everyone helping us grow. Yes, be grateful, is a feeling, be grateful, but also a sentiment.Two years ago, I had a serious illness, parents run around behind my back, everywhere doctor, from their anxious demeanor, from their careful care, I deeply appreciate my parents heart love. One day, my father went to the hospital with a bike pack, I found my father riding a car very slowly. For months, and my father is tired, my illness made him physically and mentally exhausted. I stumbled on some white-haired father's head. Ah, my father changed, getting old. I saw in him years of vicissitudes, see the hardships of life, but also saw my father worked hard for my marks. Ah, my father has not changed, the mountain-like father has not changed. I still feel his warmth, his love.It was one evening during my hospital stay, days of cold, snowing outside. Dad came to me after work meal, but I want to eat dumplings. I know he did, put his hand raised to the good meals at home, against the biting wind, braving the snow goose feather filled the air as I went out to buy dumplings. Dark, violent wind, and snow is even greater. At this time, snowman-like father walked side also said: "The hungry now!" Watching my father kind of face, touched my father's hands red with cold, I was moved to tears. "Daddy, Daddy ..." I kept repeating over and over again in my heart, "You're my good father!." Winter is cold, and my father has done, it seems as though the sun, warm my body pain; deemed to warm, melting into my hearts sorrow; father's love, hold up my faith to overcome the disease, after month of treatment, I recovered.I will never forget the parents of my love, my love and care. What can I do for them? I often asked myself. Even if it is for them to hang Chuijian, wash dishes, give them aria song, to accompany them to shop, walk, my heart will feel comfort. Grateful, learn repay, I seemed to have grown up: I was careful to learn, let them worry about me; I picked rushing to wash dishes, so that they can get more rest for a while; I often hum songs, so full of family laughter ... I do everything I can give parents a good time to leave the most memorable, so they are happy, so proud of them,I love my parents and the whole world children love their parents. Let us say to parents: "We love you!" Let us act together, Grateful, grateful. Winter is no longer cold, dark night is no longer a long, happy to accompany you on time around me.Students, we come from? Heard this, I am sure you will say, the parents took us to the world up to. Yes, ah, one day a decade ago, our parents smile with tears and happiness to greet our arrival. But when we come into the world the moment, parents have more of a heavy work - to take care of us. Although this is a heavy burden, but they relied on to support the parents I grew up. In order to give us a comfortable living environment, they are always so hard, so hard. Small, I always saw it as a matter of course, because I do not know, do not know their parents hard. Now, I grew up, I know that with a grateful heart to sympathize with parents, should take up, care, responsibility of caring for their parents.Sunday is just past my 13 birthday that day, my first thought is to grateful parents, because my parents have, it gives me the opportunity to appreciate this colorful world of well-being of life, enjoy life joy and happiness, they gave me life, gave me excellent care. Children have a happy, happy most of the parents, children with depression, is also worried about most of the parents. Wife licking the calf, parental love, as deep as the sea. Therefore, no matter the social status of parents, how the level of knowledge and other qualities, they are our life's biggest benefactor, is a person worthy of our love forever.However, the students, do you ask yourself too: I miss their parents and how many? Do you pay attention to the birthday of their parents? A folk saying: child birthday, Mother bitter day. When you celebrate for his birthday when you thought with the death-like pain, so you birth mother? Ever conceived in good faith to bless your life mother heard it? We Chinese are an ancient civilization, ancient emphasis on filial piety, Confucius, saying: "Parents of the year, not know that also. The one hand, happy and fear." That is, say, the health of parents, children should always be worried about the mind. However, according to reports, a middle school in Beijing this year have shown a sample survey: nearly 50% of the students did not know the birthday of their parents, let alone parents of the birthday wishes. Students, may soon wish nothing for themselves, but for parents, this sound better blessing than anything else, are memorable, are sufficient to enable them to tears!Filial piety, the man of this also, a people who only know how grateful the parents can be a complete person. Students, parents, let us be grateful to him now! With a grateful heart to treat their parents with a sincere heart to go with their parents, not to be taken for granted that parents do anything to help us, they took us to this beautiful world, is great enough, and our parenting adults, not asking for anything, we have to pay for silence, we stop blindly to demand their pay, Thanksgiving it, thank parents for their bit by bit.翻译:亲爱的同学们,我们的人生之路总是阳光明媚,晴空万里,到底哪一缕阳光最耀眼?有人说是优异的学习成绩,有人说是给予别人帮助……而我认为在我们的人生路上最灿烂的阳光应该属于知恩图报,感谢帮助我们成长的每一个人。是的,学会感恩,是一种情怀,学会感恩,更是一种情操。












给父母的英文感谢信 要有中文翻译

Hello, my parents! Today I am writing to thank you for everything you have done for me in the past. First I want to thank you for taking the trouble to bring me up. I know it is really difficult. Second I want to thank you for giving me so much encouragement especially when I am in trouble or depressed.You both give me anything not only in spirit but also in physics.You both spent not only much time but also much money on me .So you are great and generous.I am proud of you. I would like to be your child and I will try my best to live up to your expectations and to be a child that you would like me to be . I love you! thank you! 你好,我的父母!今天,我写你,感谢你为我所做的,在过去的一切。首先,我要感谢你给我带来了麻烦。




给父母的一封感恩信 亲爱的爸爸妈妈: 你们好! 时间真的好快,转眼间,我已经成长为一个十六岁的大姑娘了。在你们陪我度过的十六个春秋中,你们赠予我的经历与欢笑的场景不时在我眼前浮现,仔细想起来还真让人留恋。

今天面对铺开的信纸,我酝酿已久的思绪,积蓄多时的情感,将尽情地挥洒。也许我的笔墨很糟糕,可邮差带去的将是对你们最真挚的情感,最朴实的感恩。 我深深地知道,没有阳光就没有日子的温暖;没有雨露就没有五谷的丰登;没有水源就没有生命的辉煌;没有你们的养育就没有长大的我。 女儿明白,为了我的成长,你们真的不容易。从小到大,总看到你们奔波劳累的身影,听到你们苦口婆心的教育,感受到你们无微不至的关怀。



虽然现在的我并不那么完美,我想你们的爱会一直支持我,那将是我最大的动力,我一定会努力提高自己的成绩,用最好成果报答你们的养育之恩。 谁言寸草心,报得三春晖。滴水之恩,涌泉相报。