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导语:有很多关于励志的英语小文章都是很值得我们抽空去看看的,我整理了励志的大学英语文章带翻译,欢迎阅读。 篇一:励志的大学英语文章带翻译 守自己的优势 Stick to your special talents You were born with a special talent. It may be to sing, write, teach, paint, mentor, preach, defend or befriend. You have something special to offer the world, something you can do better than 10,000 others. You must keep learning and trying new things to find your special talent. The world needs your gift. Be aware that even a special talent can go stale if you don’t keep using and honing it. Endeavor to keep your talents and all your skills up to date. An advantage isn’t an advantage unless you use it. Find ways to use your advantages to set and reach your goals. Likewise, you should recognize and then try to minimize the impact of your limitations. Remember that not all advantages are transferable. Just because you are talented in one area doesn’t mean that you will be talented at everything you try. The successful real estate investor can easily lose her money opening a restaurant. Stick to your advantages and don’t stray from them without reasoned justification. [参考译文] 固守自己的优势 你生而有自己的特殊天赋。


因此要尽力使自己的天赋与所有的技能跟上时代。 任何优势如果不用的话也就不称其为优势了。找到办法运用你的优势来确定并实现你的目标。


因此要固守自己的优势,在没有理性的确定判断之前不要轻易离开自己擅长的领域。 篇二:励志的大学英语文章带翻译 爱能够创造奇迹的力量 Love: The One Creative Force A college professor had his sociology class go into the Baltimore slums to get case histories of 200 young boys. They were asked to write an evaluation of each boy's future. In every case the students wrote," He hasn't got a chance." Twenty-five years later another sociology professor came across the earlier study. He had his students follow up on the project to see what had happened to these boys. With the exception of 20 boys who had moved away or died, the students learned that 176 of the remaining 180 had achieved more than ordinary success as lawyers, doctors and businessmen. The professor was astounded and decided to pursue the matter further. Fortunately, all men were in the area and he was able to ask each one," How do you account for your success?" In each case the reply came with feeling," There was a teacher." The teacher was still alive, so he sought her out and asked the old but still alert lady what magic formula she had used to pull these boys out of the slums into successful achievement. The teacher's eyes sparkled and her lips broke into a gentle smile. "It's really very simple," she said. "I loved those boys." 一个大学教授在上社会学课的时候,让他的学生去巴尔的摩贫民窟找200个男孩的历史记录,并且要求写出对每个男孩未来的评估。对每个孩子,学生都这样评价着:“他这辈子完了。

”25年以后另外一个社会学教授发现了这个早期的研究,并让他的学生继续探究这个研究,看看这些男孩到底怎么样了。这些男孩中除了已经去世或者迁居的20位以外,学生发现,剩下的180人中有176人都获得了比普通人更大的成就,他们中有律师,医生,还有商人。 教授大吃一惊并决定进一步地探究下去。幸运的是,这些长成人的.孩子还都在这个地区,因此教授有机会挨个去问他们:“你是如何获得你的这些成就的?”很让人感动的是,他们的回答如出一辙:“因为我有一位好老师。

” 这个老师还健在。当教授找到这位年迈但仍不失机警的妇人,问她到底有什么魔法能让这些贫民窟的孩子都获得如此成就的时候,这位老师眼里闪耀着光芒,她的嘴唇露出一抹温柔微笑,“很简单,”她说,“因为我爱这些孩子。” 篇三:励志的大学英语文章带翻译 什么是你攀升的方向标 What is your direction indicator of ascended One windy spring day, I observed young people having fun using the wind to fly their kites. Multicolored creations of varying shapes and sizes filled the skies like beautiful birds darting and dancing. As the strong winds gusted against the kites, a string kept them in check. Instead of blowing away with the wind, they arose against it to achieve great heights. They shook and pulled, but the restraining string and the cumbersome tail kept them in tow, facing upward and against the wind. As the kites struggled and trembled against the string, they seemed to say, “Let me go! Let me go! I want to be free!” They soared beautifully even as they fought the restriction of the string. Finally, one of the kites succeeded in breaking loose. “Free at last,” it seemed to say. “Free to fly with the wind.” Yet freedom from restraint simply put it at the mercy of an unsympathetic breeze. It fluttered ungracefully to the ground and landed in a tangled mass of weeds and string against a dead bush. “Free at last” free to lie powerless in the dirt, to be blown helplessly along the ground, and to lodge lifeless against the first obstruction. How much like kites we sometimes are. The Heaven gives us adversity and restrictions, rules to follow from which we can grow and gain strength. Restraint is a necessary counterpart to the winds of opposition. Some of us tug at the rules so hard that we never soar to reach the heights we might have obtained. We keep part of the commandment and never rise high enough to get our tails off the ground. Let us each rise to the great heights, recognizing that some of the restraints that we may chafe under are actually the steadying force that helps us ascend and achieve. [参考译文] 什么是你攀升的方向标 在一个有风的春日,我看到一群年轻人正在迎风放风筝玩乐,各种颜色、各种形状和大小的风筝就好像美丽的鸟儿在空中飞舞。当强风把风筝吹起,牵引线就能够控制它们。


“终于自由了,”它好像在说,“终于可以随风自由飞翔了!” 然而,脱离束缚的自由使它完全处于无情微风的摆布下。它毫无风度地震颤着向地面坠落,落在一堆乱草之中,线缠绕在一颗死灌木上。“终于自由”使它自由到无力地躺在尘土中,无助地任风沿着地面将其吹走,碰到第一个障碍物便毫无生命地滞留在那里了。


我们只遵从部分戒律,因此永远不会飞得足够高,使尾巴远离地面。 让我们每个人都飞到高处吧,并且认识到这一点:有些可能会令我们生气的约束,实际上是帮助我们攀升和实现愿望的平衡力。

我的大学生活英语作文合集5篇生活是多姿多彩的,每个人既自律又自由。这里给大家分享一些我的大学生活 英语 作文 ,希望对大家有所帮助。

大学英语四级作文范文10篇英语四级写作部分,只有多练才能在考试中写出一篇好的英语 文章 。



我整理了大学英语故事短文,欢迎阅读! 大学英语故事短文篇一 正面的偶像 The Positive Idol With the development of Internet, people can get the instant news and many people keep their eyes on the hot news, which makes other people get famous easily. As the saying that good news will not be spread while the bad news will, people get famous by presenting the immoral acts and the audience promotes it. We need the positive idols. 随着互联网的发展,人们可以获得即时新闻和很多人随时在关注着热点新闻,这让别人很容易出名。俗话说好事不出门坏事传千里,一些人通过呈现不道德行为来获得知名度,观众也促使了这样的事情发生。我们需要正面的偶像。 Looking back on the hot figures these years, we can find that Internet provides people a large stage to get fame, there is no doubt that the fastest way to catch people’s attention is to attact others by rude words. The audience really loves to see it, they enjoy seeing people acting impolitely. People ignore appreciating the truth and beauty, they are the supporters of vulgar culture. 回首这些年来炙手可热的名人,我们可以发现,互联网为人们提供一个大舞台来获得名声,毫无疑问,最快抓住人们的注意力的方式就是用粗鲁的言语去攻击别人。观众非常喜欢看到这样的情况,他们喜欢看到人们粗鲁的行为。

人们忽视了欣赏美和真理,他们是低俗文化的支持者。 As our society is in the stage of transition, the new value has not been formed, so people are lost in it. They chase after the vulgar culture just to show the unsatisfaction of the society. Chasing idol is everybody’s right, but a idol should stand for the postive sides, or there is meaningless to do it. 由于我们社会处于过渡阶段,尚未形成新的价值观,所以人们自我迷失。他们追逐低俗文化来表现出对社会的不满。

追逐偶像是每个人的权利,但是一个偶像应代表积极的方面,不然追星没有意义。 大学英语故事短文篇二 终身学习 Life-long Learning Chairman Mao once said one is never too old to learn, his words have inspired so many people to study all the time. Life-long learning is very necessary today, many teachers have kept studying for they need to refresh their knowledge. For me, I also like to keep life-long learning, the reasons are in the following. 毛主席曾经说过活到老,学到老,他的这些话鼓励了很多人坚持学习。终身学习在今天是很必要的,很多教师就坚持学习,因为他们需要更新知识。

对于我来说,我也喜欢保持终身学习,理由如下。 On the one hand, the society develops so fast, I don’t want to be kicked out, so I need to keep studying and make myself keep pace with the time. Like the old people, they don’t know how to use computer, some of them learn the computer and some refuse to learn. The result is that the one who doesn’t use computer can’t keep pace with the time. 一方面,社会发展很快,我不想要被淘汰,因此我需要保持学习,让自己与时俱进。比如老人家,他们不知道如何使用电脑,一些老人家学会了电脑,一些拒绝去学。

结果就是不用电脑的人无法与时俱进。 On the other hand, life-long learning helps me have the passion on life. I am always curious about the new things, so I will want to know them more. If I stop learning, I will stop thinking and feel myself like waiting to die, how terrible it is. 另一方面,终身学习能让我对生活有激情。我总是对新事物充满好奇,所以我想要了解更多。如果我停止学习,就会停下来思考,感觉自己就像在等死,多么可怕啊。

Life-long learning is necessary for everyone, it is the only way to make us keep pace with the time. 终身学习对每个人来说都是必须得,这也是让我们保持与时俱进的唯一方法。 大学英语故事短文篇三 维多利亚的成功人生 Victoria’s Successful Life Everybody knows David Beckham who is a famous football player and his wife is also well famous. Victoria Beckham was from a sing team called Spice Girls, she dropped out of the team many years ago and focused on her fashion career. She not only has a happy family, but also owns the successful career. 大家都知道贝克汉姆,一个著名的足球运动员,他的妻子也很有名。维多利亚贝克汉姆来自一个叫“辣妹”的歌唱组合,她很多年前就退出了组合,专注于她的时尚事业。她不仅拥有一个幸福的家庭,也拥有成功的事业。

Victoria has a big family. She has three boys and a girl. The three boys are as handsome as his father and the daughter is as beautiful as her. The big family catches the media’s attention, every time they go out for the activity, the media will shot many photos. Their news makes the world crazy about them. 维多利亚有一个大的家庭。她有三个儿子和一个女儿。三个男孩如他们父亲般英俊,女孩如她般美丽。这个大家庭吸引了媒体的注意,每当他们外出活动,媒体就会拍很多照片。

有关他们的新闻让世界为之疯狂。 Victoria also makes her fashion career so successful. Before she went to the fashion circle, no one would think about how she was good at it. She sets up her fashion branch and the celebrities like her design. Now her branch is welcomed by the world, she has proven herself. 维多利亚经营着成功的时尚事业。在她进入时尚圈之前,没有人会想到她是如此的擅长。

她建立了自己的时尚品牌,名人们也喜欢她的设计。如今她的品牌受到了全世界的欢迎,她已经证明了自己。 As a mother and official lady, Victoria manages the family and the career so well. She sets the good example for the women. 作为一名母亲和职业女性,维多利亚把家庭和事业都经营得很好。





写英语作文,最重要的是头脑清晰不是吗?就算是到了大学,这一点也不会改变。下面是我给大家整理的大学英语作文,供大家参阅! 大学英语作文:My View on the Same Amount of Holiday A seven day long holiday has flown away. Mourning my happy hours during the vacation, I've been looking forward to winter holidays. People around me seemed to have enjoyed the vacation, too. Then, is it fair that people have the same amount of holidays regardless of their occupations? Nevertheless, divergent views emerge on the matter in question. Some people are of the opinion that laborers should have the same length of holiday. They hold the view that people are born equal and should be treated equally. The same amount of leisure time may eliminate the unfairness among people who might be upset psychologically if otherwise. At first sight, it may seem to be an attractive idea, but it doesn't bear much analysis. To begin with, people do different kinds of jobs featuring different labor intensity and so the time needed to refresh their physical condition varies. For example, blue collar workers may work longer hours before they get tired physically, while white collar workers such as doctors and teachers are more mentally stressed. Unable to work continuously as long as those physical labor workers, white collars need more time to pull through the mental weariness than physical tiredness. All in all, people in different jobs assume different responsibilities and have different degrees of pressure. Secondly, different tasks and duties are required for different professions, resulting in the variety of holiday periods for people in different walks of life. Some employees cannot have their legal holidays and even have to work overtime, such as policemen, construction workers and people in the service line.Those professions just can't be interrupted for a mornent;other wise the society will be in a mess. Even for some people in the same occupation, they cannot have the same holidays entitled to them due to many factors out of human control, such as special assignments, and health conditions etc, then not to say people in different fields. Suppose we, as teachers do, all have three months' holiday in a year. Then factories have to employ considerably more workers because some of them are enjoying happy holiday.That's obviously against the principles of doing business at lower cost and efficiency. If we have only three days off in a year, then all the people in our country will be working day after day. No one can squeeze time to visit those tourist resorts leisurely. It goes without saying that the tourist trade and catering industry thus cannot develop rapidly and healthily. Last, the development of science and technology allows the ways of work to be changed. Computer experts make their programs, doctors give patients diagnosis and tutors give students instructions at home through optical fabric cable connections.That's how the new term SOHO bore. In other words, the way people work is not fixed so that they need different holiday phases. Some people need more time to recover from the fatigue of labor. And some people cannot make ends meet though they work for 365 days in a year, for whom holiday is a waste of time. It is neither possible nor necessary for people with different jobs to have the same amount of holiday off. Holiday is a kind of bonus, just as the Chinese idiom goes, distribution according to work. 简 评 冯佳莹同学的这篇作文思路清晰,分析丝丝入扣,是一篇非常优秀的议论文。

这篇作文的开头清新自然,通过自己对国庆假期的感受,进而联想到其他各行各业的人的想法,引出了本文的主题,显得毫不做作。写这篇作文时,作者显然进行了深入的思考,因而分析有理有据,闪烁着作者的真知灼见和思想火花。作者的语言很出色,句式长短交错,段落层次分明,句与句之间以及句群之间的衔接都非常清晰,作者倾向于使用then,that,those等连词和代词来衔接上下文,而没有使用过多的定语从句,既使句式的长度得到了控制,又避免了中国学生常见的定语长句尤其是非限定性定语从句过多的弊病。尽管作者使用了一些短语,但整篇的文体并没有因此而显得过于随意,显示了作者高超的语言驾驭能力。 点评教师:孙东云 大学英语作文:Midnight Journal It's a true story in the summer of 1998 when I was attending a youth conference in L. A... and it feels so good to rewind it in the recollection... Fog swirls, swallowing the car in front of us. Dense, impenetrable, the wall of white throws back the lights into my eyes. There are four of us in a family van that is creeping along the free way from downtown L. A. to Lancaster. Fog gets even stronger and spreads out like a blanket over the flat land. It's Noah's turn to drive with complaints about the couldn't be lower visibility. But he is whispering so that Eugene and Kikki can sleep still. With eyes slightly closed, I am playing Bob Dylan on the disk, whose rhythm echoes the midnight prays. Well, we've truly had enough prayers just now. Being off from the annual Vineyard Church International Yough Conference, I find myself deeply buried in the ferment that kids create from all over the world. There are cries and whisper, laughter and tears, bless and pain, confidence and disbelief mixed together, building up a confession of the detours of soul. Bible has recorded all this since centuries ago. It's about God, but it's not all time religion. A boy from Panama asked me if I eat turkey as an Irish Catholic when pastor David was presenting his speech. I smilingly nodded my head and turned back to Mr. David. He is an authentic English with dark blue pupils, eyes right fixing into his listener while talking. He has truly handsome chins that show up his decency of smile and subtleness of wit. "There is only one door into heaven and Jesus said, 'I'm the door' John 10:

9., he quoted, "The way you enter is by expressing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Faith in Jesus is a commitment to the one whose life becomes your life and his life within you makes you a new person." There was a dead silence for praying before a burst of weeping broke the ice. A blonde girl threw herself into the arms of the peer beside her, hiding her face. A boy of crew cut on the first row was bending his knees, forehead down to the ground,whispering his regrets. A black girl standing right beside me was shivering her lips with tears hanging up in her eyes, showing a piece of uncertainty. It was truly heart wrenching when more and more kids were peacefully touched by the power of God,harmonizing their words with tears, rather than screaming out their logo as "we love Jesus yes we dm we love Jesus how about you." It hasn't been long before I am used to the way of praying here in the States. The melancholies in the air soon put me on the way of figuring out the fact lying behind the tears. It numbed me to see the fear and solitude that root deeply in this materially rich world. There is a false security that drastically reshapes the country by drug, crimes, pre marital sex and racism. And it seemed here every tiny little souls were certain victims. Jesus wasn't truly there, but the void became the savior. It was then that the mother of pastor David rose to sing "Ave Maria". She came up to piano in a gentle pace, took a breath, closed her eyes, and delivered the goods. Well, never have heard the song offered with more feeling, more passion and fervor. She was seventy years old and magnificent. The plain voice flowing in the air was neither scratchy nor dramatic that you might expect from an aging third rate opera singer. This was actually the voice of a grandmother distilling her life into the music to honor what she loved and believed in. when the last lovely note faded and silence held us firm, the "grandma" opened her eyes, smiled at us, and said, "my lord be with you." That is basically what received from the journey of soul. I told out my sins with once-in-life-time honesty. I may never get a chance to bump into Pastor David and I truly miss this mid aged gentleman of deep sea pupil, although he didn't succeed making me believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sin and paid my sin debt in full. Noah is now too sleepy to drive. It's my turn to stay awake in this misty of midnight Los Angeles. Fog stands still when we are inching along the road of this spiritual trip. I don't know what keeps me in such a wild and peaceful excitement. Well, if the fog doesn't lift, may we at least have some lines and reflectors put down along the road to guide us. 简 评 宗教的力量可以是无穷的。

作者根据在美国的所见所闻,向我们描述了基督教对美国人的思想所起到的巨大支持与影响作用。 同时作者的美国经历不仅丰富了阅历,也使其语言功底令国内的英语学习者难以望其项背。生动的描述,地道的选词都使得该篇文章成为很好的例文供我们赏鉴。

点评教师:张雪波 大学英语作文:讲座与讨论 Lectures and Discussions 提纲

1. 大学里有讲座式和讨论式两种授课方式。

2. 两种授课方式各有利弊。

3. 我的看法。

There are mainly two styles of teaching at universities -- lectures and discussions. Each has its own characteristics. Lectures are actually the teacher's talk to a class for the purpose of teaching. In this kind of class, the teacher plays a central role, while the students are mainly the listeners. Compared with lectures, discussions are more flexible. Students can examine and argue about a subject with each other in this kind of class. Lectures are especially suitable for big classes hecause it will be easier to keep the students under control, while discussions are typically for small classes for the reason that they are more likely to go out of control. In a word, lectures and discussions are two quite different styles of teaching, so we should choose either of them or combine them together reasonably according to the circumstances. 大学英语作文:科学与人类 Science and Human Beings 提纲

1. 科学使人类进步,生活得更美好。

2. 科学有时也会带来负面效应,如原子能毁掉一切。

3. 就科学与人类的关系谈谈你的观点。


英语 作文 是英语考试中必不可少的题,我在此献上大学英语作文 范文 ,希望对你有所帮助。 生活的意义 The Meaning of Life Since we were born, we are meant to face the stage of study and work until we retire, which seems everybody does the same thing in their life. They start to wonder about the meaning of life. In my opinion, the meaning of life lies in study and finding the right place. 自打我们出生起,就注定要经历学习和工作的阶段,直到退休,似乎每个人在他们的一生中都在做着一样的事。

他们开始思考人生的意义,在我看来,生命的意义在于学习并找到人生定位。 Study comes first for human being. Since we learn the knowledge, we get to know about the world. The more we learn, the more we want to search for the unknown knowledge. The world is beautiful because of diversity, and there are so many amazing scenery waiting for us to discover. At the process of searching the knowledge, we also become mature and have our own thinking. 对于我们来说学习是最重要的。我们学习了知识就对世界开始有了一定的了解。我们学得越多,就越想寻求未知的知识。因其多样性,世界是美丽的,有很多令人惊叹的风景在等着我们去发现。

在寻找知识的过程中,我们也变得成熟,有自己的想法。 Finding the place in the world is the basic task for us. The purpose of knowledge is to master some skills, so as to get accustomed to the world and know what we want to do and what we can bring to the world. The value we create can bring happiness to people we love and make a contribution to the world. 找准自己的在世界上的位置是我们的基本任务。知识的目的是掌握技能,来适应这个世界,知道我们想做什么,可以给世界带来什么。

我们创造的价值可以给我们爱的人带来快乐,给世界做出贡献。 Life is short, but we keep searching all the time. 生命是短暂的,但是我们会不断探索。 如何应对负面情绪 How to Deal With Negative Emotion Life is a journey. We will see different scenery and learn to grow up. Nobody can live easy life all the time, and they must have gone through some hard time. The one who can conquer the difficulty will be stronger. While those who can’t deal with the negative emotion will miss the beautiful scenery. Wise men can find the ways to remove bad mood. 生活是一场旅程,我们将会看到不一样的风景并学习成长。


智者总能找到 方法 来消除坏心情。 In the modern life, a lot of people do the same things every day, then the repeating routines are easy to frustrate them. They feel life is meaningful and why they have to sit in the office to work for a whole day. The negative emotion makes them lose themselves. At this time, they need to slow down their life pace. A trip is the best way to relax and forget about the annoyance. It opens your vision and helps you to find the answers. 在现代生活中,很多人每天都在做同样的事情,重复着日常,很容易有挫败感。他们觉得生活是有意义的,但是他们却要坐在办公室里工作一整天。消极情绪使他们迷失自我。

在这个时候,他们需要放慢生活节奏。旅行是最好的放松方式,可以忘记烦恼。它也开阔了你的视野,帮助你找到答案。 Talking to the families or friends is also a good way to relieve your bad emotion. We need someone to listen to us. With their support and caring, we will find the motivation to move on. Life is short, don’t be afraid of making change if you are not really satisfied with the current situation. 跟家人或朋友倾诉也是缓解负面情绪的一个好办法。

我们需要有人倾听我们。有了他们的支持和关爱,我们就会找到继续前进的动力。人生短暂,如果你不满意当前的局势,不要害怕改变。     社会实践 的必要性 The Necessary of Practical Experience The stage of college is the new chapter for students. They need to learn independent as they live in the dormitory. Learning major knowledge and mastering the professional skill are the main tasks, but the necessity of practical experience can’t be ignored if they want to start their career successfully. 大学阶段是学生的新篇章。

因为他们开始过宿舍生活,所以他们需要学习独立了。学习专业知识、掌握专业技能是他们的主要任务,但是,如果他们想开始职业生涯时顺利些的话,社会实践也是不可忽视的。 Being freshmen, many students start to lose themselves as they just want to enjoy the freedom and forget about study when they come to campus. But some wise students have made their plans. They not only spend a lot of time in library, but also fulfill their time by taking practical experience, which will be a great help in future career. We are easy to find that the successful young men have started their career as they are students. 作为新生,许多学生来到校园后就开始迷失自我,他们只想享受自由,而不去学习。

但是一些明智的学生早就做好了计划,他们不仅花大量的时间在图书馆学习,也通过社会实践来充实自己,这对未来的职业生涯是有很大帮助的。我们会发现那些成功的年轻人在学生时期就开始他们的职业生涯了。 In the job market, most employers care about the practical experience when they look at the resumes. They want this type of graduates because they can spend less time to teach them get familiar with the new environment, which can improve the working efficiency. If students want to take advantages over others in the job market, then they’d better seek some internship. 在就业市场上,大多数招聘人员在看简历的时候都会关心有没有社会 经验 。

他们想要有经验的 毕业 生,因为他们可以花更少的时间让他们熟悉新环境,提高工作效率。如果学生想要比其他人在就业市场上占据优势,他们最好找一些实习工作。


大学生 英语阅读 能力的培养是外语教学的重要内容之一。下面是我带来的大学英语 文章 阅读,欢迎阅读! 大学英语文章阅读1 希拉里最爱的11本书 它们塑造了我的思想

1. "The Brothers Karamasov" by Dostoevsky 陀思妥耶夫斯基著《卡拉马佐夫兄弟》 During her tour in New Hampshire, Clinton named Fyodor Dostoyevsky's "The Brothers Karamazov" as her favorite book. 克林顿在访问新罕布什尔州期间,说弗奥多•陀思妥耶夫斯基的《卡拉马佐夫兄弟》是她最喜欢的书。

Also recommended by Albert Einstein, Vladimir Putin, mentioned in 5 Good Books To Read According To Haruki Murakami. This is of the best allegorical novels to explain the fractured nature of 19th century Russia. Throughout are themes of love, law, and duty, which makes this one of the best Dostoyesky books to read besides Crime and Punishment. 这本书也备受阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦和弗拉基米尔·普京的推崇,并被列为“村上春树推荐阅读的5本好书”之一。这是一本最优秀的讽喻小说,阐释了19世纪俄国没落的本质。爱、法律和责任的主题贯穿全书,是陀思妥耶夫斯基的书中除《罪与罚》之外最值得阅读的一本。

2. "The Hare with Amber Eyes: A Hidden Inheritance" by Edmund de Waal 埃德蒙·德瓦尔著《琥珀眼睛的兔子:隐秘的遗产》 Q:What was the last truly great book you read? 提问:你最近读过哪本真正的好书? Hillary: I can't stop thinking about "The Hare With Amber Eyes," by Edmund de Waal; "The Signature of All Things," by Elizabeth Gilbert; "Citizens of London," by Lynne Olson; and "A suitable Boy," by Vikram Seth.- from interview to The New York Times 希拉里:关于这个问题,我不禁想到埃德蒙·德瓦尔的《琥珀眼睛的兔子》、伊丽莎白·吉尔伯特的《万物的签名》、琳内·奥尔森的《伦敦公民》和维克拉姆·赛斯的《合适郎君》。——摘自《纽约时报》采访 In the 1800's, the family of Ephrussis bankers lit up the Parisienne and Venetian world in similar fashion to the Vanderbilts and Morgans of the Roaring '20s. History students who enjoy a mixture of royal and peasant life stories will want to read this multiple award-winning account. 19世纪,从事银行业的伊弗鲁西家族在巴黎和维也纳煊赫一时,就像“咆哮的二十年代”时期的范德贝尔特家族和摩根家族那样。


3. "The Signature of All Things" by Elizabeth Gilbert 伊丽莎白·吉尔伯特著《万物的签名》 Gilbert took over a decade to write an award-winning novel of love, science, and the lure of knowledge. A winter-born ugly duckling child named Alma is born in Philadelphia to a wealthy titan who made his fortune on exotic plants. As Alma becomes dissatisfied with unfulfilling social life and fascinated with her own internal contradictions, she begins a tour of exotic locations to discover that the plant world can speak to the world of humans. 吉尔伯特花费十余年时间写就了这部优秀的小说,其主题关乎爱、科学及知识的魅力。冬季出生于费城的小孩阿尔玛相貌丑陋、平庸无奇,她的父亲是靠珍稀植物发家的大富豪。


4. "Citizens of London" by Lynne Olson 琳内·奥尔森著《伦敦公民》 If you've ever wondered about Winston Churchill's inner circle, this 2010 Amazon Best Book of the Month will reveal the bold souls who forged an Anglo-American alliance before the public came on board. 如果你想了解温斯顿·丘吉尔周围的核心人物,这本2010年亚马逊月度最佳图书将向你展现一个个无畏的灵魂,就是他们在大众参战之前就铸造了坚强的英美同盟。

5. "A Suitable Boy" by Vikram Seth 维克拉姆·赛斯著《合适郎君》 In 1950's India, it is most important that a lovely Indian girl have an arranged marriage with an impressive groom. This novel of magical realism weaves together the lives of four families, and has been described as a Dickensian work meant for 20th Century readers. 在20世纪50年代的印度,对一位可爱的印度女孩来说,人生最重要之事莫过于通过包办婚姻嫁给一位优秀的郎君。这部魔幻现实主义小说将四个家庭的生活交织在一起,被评为20世纪的狄更斯式作品。

6. "Our Divided Political Heart" by E. J. Dionne E·J·迪翁著《我们分裂的政治之心》 Q:What are the best books about Washington, D.C.? Is there one book you'd recommend to someone planning to move to or work in the capital? 提问:有关华盛顿市的最好的书是什么?有没有一本书你想推荐给打算移居首都或者来此工作的人?- from interview to The New York Times Hillary:"Our Divided Political Heart," by E.J. Dionne, shows how most everybody has some conservative and liberal impulses, but just as individuals have to reconcile them within ourselves, so does our political system if we expect to function productively. 希拉里:E·J·迪翁的《我们分裂的政治之心》,这本书展现了大多数人是怎样同时怀有保守的想法和自由的冲动的。

但是正如个体不得不在内心对二者进行平衡,如果我们期望政治系统高效运行,也需要一样的平衡。——摘自《纽约时报》采访 What is truly the soul of America – a rugged individualism or a balance of individual and communalstrengths? From former President Bill Clinton to Hendrik Hertzberg and Rachel Maddow, Dionne has stolen our divided American hearts. 什么才是真正的美国之魂——坚定的个人主义,还是个人与集体力量的平衡?从前总统比尔·克林顿,到享德里克·赫兹伯格,再到瑞秋·麦道,迪翁已经偷走了我们分裂的美国之心。

7. "After the Music Stopped" by Alan S. Blinder 艾伦·S·布林德著《当音乐停止之后》 "After the Music Stopped," Alan Blinder's account of the financial crisis, is clear in its analysis and recommendations."- from interview to The New York Times “艾伦·布林德在《当音乐停止之后》一书中记录了金融危机,无论是逻辑分析还是建议策略都写得清晰明了。”——摘自《纽约时报》采访 The positive aftermath of the 2007 financial crisis, or credit crunch, was to show the fragility andinterconnected threads binding global governments and businesses together. This book explains complex and world-affecting financial trends such as Quantitative Easing without requiring its readers to become professors of economics or history. 2007年金融危机后的巨大余波,或者“信贷紧缩”,展现了将全球政府与商业捆绑在一起的丝线是何等脆弱而又错综复杂。


8. "The Color Purple" By Alice Walker 艾丽斯·沃克著《紫颜色》 "Alice Walker tackles some of society's most vexing issues—race, gender and violence—through amemorable protagonist named Celie. The story of her growing up as a victim of abuse, and her ongoing journey of self-discovery, is a brutally honest assessment of human nature at its best and worst."- Hillary Clinton for The Oprah Magazine “艾丽斯·沃克触及到了一些社会上最恼人的问题——种族、性别和暴力,而这一切是通过令人难忘的主角茜莉的视角写出来的。作为一位受虐者,她的成长 故事 以及不断进行的自我探索之旅,赤裸裸地展现了人性最好的一面和最恶的一面。”——摘自《奥普拉杂志》中希拉里·克林顿的话 For a book titled after a royal color, there seems to be no hint of greatness or glamor about Celie's life. Celie and Nettie’s struggle to live as worthwhile human beings in a world that tries to reject them, andforge a future, is inspirational. 虽然该书以一种尊贵的颜色命名,书中茜莉的生活却没有一丝伟大或荣耀之处。


9. "Little Women" By Louisa May Alcott 路易莎·梅·奥尔科特著《小妇人》 "Like many women of my generation who read this novel growing up, I felt like I lived in Jo's family. This book was one of the first literary explorations of how women balance the demands of their daily lives, from raising families to pursuing outside goals. The book was written more than a century ago, but its message resonates today."- Hillary Clinton for The Oprah Magazine “正如我们这一代许多读着这本小说长大的女孩一样,我感觉自己就像生活在乔的家中。这也是最早用文学解释女人该如何平衡日常生活各种工作的一本书,从养家糊口到追求外在目标。这本书写于100多年前,但书中传达的信息依然在今天回响。

”——摘自《奥普拉杂志》中希拉里·克林顿的话 The adventures of Meg, Amy, and Beth were inspired by Alcott's real-life sisters; one married a fellow play-actor, one died of scarlet fever, and one showed her paintings at the Paris Salon. The result of their literary sister’s efforts has been made into countless plays and films, and even a ballet. 麦格、艾米和贝思的故事灵感来自奥尔科特姐妹的真实生活;一位嫁给了戏剧演员同伴,一位死于猩红热,一位在巴黎沙龙开画展。这群文学姐妹的努力生活已被改编成数不清的戏剧、电影,甚至还有一部芭蕾剧。 1

0. "The Clan of the Cave Bear" By Jean M. Auel 琼·M·奥尔著《洞熊家族》 "This novel about life in prehistoric times is a rich blend of imagination and information about everything from plants that were used for medicine to the rituals and taboos of Neanderthal man. It is also about Ayla, a little girl who is orphaned when her parents are killed in an earthquake. Maybebecause I'm a mother, I was very moved by the story of her survival and growing up."- Hillary Clinton for The Oprah Magazine “这部描写史前生活的小说既蕴含了丰富的想象,又提供了各种信息,从药用植物到尼安德特人的仪式和禁忌。

主人公小女孩艾拉是一位在地震中失去双亲的孤儿,也许因为我是母亲的缘故,艾拉的生存和成长故事深深地打动了我。”——摘自《奥普拉杂志》中希拉里·克林顿的话 This novel could be termed 'Ayla and the Ice Age', since these are the primary protagonists of the story of disaster and survival. This is the first novel in a five-part Earth Children series. 这部小说也可以被称为“艾拉与冰河时代”,因为它讲述的是原始人与灾难抗争以求得生存的故事。这是“地球之子五部曲”中的第一部小说。


1. "West with the Night" By Beryl Markham 柏瑞尔 ·马卡姆著《夜航西飞》 "I can't get over the amount of daring, courage, self-confidence and determination it took to accomplish what Beryl Markham did in 1936, when she became the first person to fly solo, east to west across the Atlantic Ocean. This is a beautifully written life story of one of the greatest woman adventurers of all time, from her growing up in sub-Saharan Africa to her exploits as a pilot."- Hillary Clinton for The Oprah Magazine “我深深地沉迷于柏瑞尔·马卡姆身上表现出的大胆、勇气、自信与决心,1936年,她凭借这些成为独自自东向西飞跃大西洋的第一人。这是一本文笔优美的书,主人公是有史以来最伟大的女探险家之一,从她在黑非洲的成长经历一直写到她成为飞行员后取得的成绩。”——摘自《奥普拉杂志》中希拉里·克林顿的话 First written in 1942, the 2010 reprint has captured the timeless appeal of man versus nature…only in this case, the plane-flying daredevil is female. Though Markham eventually spent her years as a horse trainer in Kenya, in her younger years, she became famous as the first female to fly nonstop across the Atlantic. Her courage would do credit to Ernest Hemingway's determination to face internal fears; she met him on safari. 这本书最早作于1942年, 2010年重印版本中捕捉到了不会因时间流逝而褪色的人与自然对抗的无穷魅力……只是这一回,无畏的飞行员是一位女性。尽管马卡姆最终在肯尼亚作了数年驯马师,但在她年轻的时候,她还是因成为第一位不间断飞越大西洋的女性而闻名于世。

她的勇气要归功于厄内斯特·海明威面对内心恐惧的决心;她曾在非洲游猎中遇到他。 大学英语文章阅读2 4种 方法 让迷失彷徨的你找到方向 We all get confused at times, but prolonged periods of confusion can cause us to feel that we are stuck in a never-ending, foggy web of uncertainty. 人人都有迷失之时,但过久地陷于其中只能让我们觉得被困在迷茫无尽的不确定中。 To those who are currently caught up in the web of confusion, this may not make sense just yet, but stick with me. 对于正陷于困惑中的人,这些建议可能暂时不奏效,不过请坚持下去。

Here is what you can do to overcome your confusion and find the joy: 以下就是攻克迷茫、找到快乐的方法:

1. Accept where you are.

1.接受自己 Accept the fog, accept the confusion and accept the feelings of "stuckness." This is usually a sign that more information needs to be delivered before you can move forward. 接受迷茫、困惑,接受这种陷于其中的状态。这通常是一个信号,说明你需要获得更多的信息来走出去。

2. Take a deep breath.

2.深呼吸 Center yourself, and firmly state, "I don't know what to do, and that is okay." When you firmly state your uncertainty, you move out of the fog. The more you focus on your certainty, the more at peace you will feel with where you are at. 集中精神,坚定地说:“我知道该怎么做,这是对的。”当你坚定地讲出你的不确定,便能走出迷茫。


3. Focus on what you know.

3.关注你所了解的 When you are confused it can be easy to get stuck in a web of consistent, repetitive thoughts that appear to have no end and no beginning. To clear this, start focusing on what you know and what you feel sure about. When you do this, it will automatically help to weaken the cloud of confusion over your life. 当你困惑时,很容易陷入持续反复、没头没尾的想法中去。要清除这些想法,就要专注于你所了解的、确信的东西。


4. Be patient.

4.要有耐心 。

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